Now “Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan”

Yesterday, president Obama announced his national plan, for a “progressive takeover” of national policing. Which basically seeks to influence, local and state law enforcement, through placing conditions on federal aid. Given how Obama and friends would like this to ultimately play out, it’s something that obviously doesn’t bode well, for the Second Amendment. Given the outright hostility to the right to keep and bear arms.

From The Daily Caller:

Obama’s strategy matches the progressive playbook, which continuously expands progressives’ power by gradually adding more conditions to federal aid. That same strategy is implemented in education via the “Common Core” education plan, in the health-sector via Obamacare, in the banking industry via the mortgage rules that caused the damaging property bubble and in housing via Obama’s “regionalism” plan.

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Legislative Push Back Against The BATF’s 5.56 Ban

The White House finally came out, and took credit, for proposing a ban on M855 5.56 ammunition today. Press Secretary Josh Ernest, “praised the idea as good for public safety,” as if reading from a script. It’s not a surprise that the idea originated in the White House, but this is where U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, of Florida comes in.

Rooney has introduced the “Second Amendment Rights Act.” Which would prevent the BATF, from banning the sale and manufacturer, of M855 5.56. Not that the BATF looks to be able, to legally ban said ammo to begin with, but the bill makes it clearer.

From Sunshine State News:

Rooney is not alone in his efforts. The National Rife Association (NRA) has been pushing back against the proposal. U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., has been gathering signatures for a letter to the ATF against the proposal with more than 170 congressional representatives having already signed it.

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Iowa: Bill Keeping Carry Permits Secret In The Works

A couple of state lawmakers, have been working to create a bill to block public access to names and information of people, who have concealed carry permits. In Iowa, the law allows the general public, access to such information. Another one of their proposals, would allow residents to legally apply, and obtain suppressors.

From The Des Moines Register:

Gun rights advocates say Iowa is one of just a handful of states that allow public access to gun permit records. The measure to prohibit public access was introduced two years ago after the identities of weapons permit holders had been published in the aftermath of high-profile national controversies.

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Quick History Of Gun Control

From CPAC, the NRA’s Leslie Rusnak gave a session, on the history of gun control. Pointing out that today, gun prohibitionists have gone to state level campaigns, where they can buy the press. With millions of dollars from wealthy donors. Think the godfather of gun control, as in the notorious, billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

From Breitbart:

But while facing some major setbacks on the federal level, Rusnak warns that the anti-gun forces are not down and out of the game. They have indulged yet another shift in focus, this time to the state and local level.

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Second Amendment Carry On The Move In Maine

Senator Eric Brakey, has as proposal to allow concealed carry of handguns without a permit, for those who can legally possess a gun. Because he says it’s in accordance with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It looks like a public hearing is in the works but no dates yet. You can bet that gun prohibitionists, are not happy about it, which makes it even better.

From MPBN News:

The measure would make it legal to carry a gun without a permit if a person is already eligible to own a gun. Brakey says that similar laws are in place in several states, including Vermont and Oklahoma.
Brakey says it’s a “moderate proposal” that would restore the rights provided by the Second Amendment.

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Feinstein’s Bill Would Restrict Guns Without Due Process

More than a dozen Democrats and one Republican, are pushing a bill that would deprive anyone that’s a “suspected terrorist,” from buying a firearm. The definition of which is very vague and intentionally so.

Given the of level political chicanery, that we get from the usual suspects, it would behoove Americans to tread very carefully where such laws are concerned. And one more reason for the American public, to have contempt for Dianne Feinstein, since she’s the one who introduced the bill. Where it’s well known she wants a gun ban.

From The Blaze:

One example of how that authority could be abused was revealed last week, when it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security had produced an intelligence assessment that focuses on terrorist attacks from right-wing groups interested in defending themselves from the federal government. That led to more criticism that the Obama administration is not worried enough about radical Islamic terrorist threats, and is overly worried about right-wing groups.

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Miniature Guns From Russia

Vickers Tactical has some really good videos. This is part one in a series on miniature, fully functional firearms. From Kalashnikov, to the Tommy gun, and Maxim. They actually fire.

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BATF’s Proposed M855 5.56 Ammo Ban Means It’s Sold Out

Do you want some affordable 5.56 ammunition? One of the cheapest sources is sold out everywhere or drying up. Because of the BATF’s proposed ban on M855/SS109. Once again the Obama administration has reared its ugly head, and the public is responding, by buying it all up. It’s like a recurring cycle now with the Obama administration.

Through its actions, the administration can have a drastic impact, on availability of ammunition and guns. Today it’s causing shortages by proposing an illegal ban on M855.

In Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania one ammunition retailer says he’s selling out of M855. In Terre Haute, Indiana, distributors and manufacturers, are out of M855 too. It’s safe to say the proposed ban is having the same impact nationwide. Something the gun buying public, has unfortunately learned to expect, under the current president.

556 ammunition

What will the BATF propose to ban next?

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Nigel Farage Says Handguns Should Be Legal

Ukip leader Nigel Farage, has pretty much stated that handguns in Britain, should be legal. Which is a great policy. Though by American standards, you wouldn’t consider him pro gun, being that he doesn’t appear to support handguns for self defense like we do in the United States. He supports a form of draconian licensing. A terrible idea to most Americans but at least it’s a start.

Notice how the “expert” critic in the article, thinks that “It opens up the problem that we have almost dealt with successfully.” As if there’s not a thriving black market in Britain. Where crimes involving handguns have doubled since the ban.

From The Telegraph:

Mr Farage said the current ban on the guns, which were made illegal following the school shooting at Dunblane in 1996, was “ludicrous.”
Speaking on LBC Radio Mr Farage said that it was Ukip policy to create a “proper licensing policy” and that people who kept hand guns responsibility locked up and had were willing to get an official licence should “absolutely” be allowed them.

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The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre At CPAC

Wayne LaPierre’s speech, on the reality in America, at CPAC.

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