A Prime Example Of Harm In California From The Anti-Gun Left

Democrats in Sacramento, are showing that they have no qualms about lightening the sentencing of criminals, who use guns in the commission of their crimes. If you thought that leftist were really interested in preventing crime, when it comes to firearms, Senate Bill 620 should put a damper on the thought. From the people that haven’t seen victim disarming gun control they didn’t want passed.

Currently those who commit a felony with a firearm, get another ten years added, because of the gun. But today Senate Bill 620, if passed, would stop that from happening. Because presumably, it’s not fair to violent criminals. Who will be back on the street sooner, rather than later, and you know what that means? This is another example of why lying leftists can never be trusted with our rights.

The OCR:

I asked retired LAPD sergeant and former police specialist and SKYFOX Reporter at Fox 11 in Los Angeles Rod Bernsen what he made of this legislation, and he told me it will undoubtedly put law-abiding Californians in serious danger.

So much “for the children,” with the loosening of sentencing, for those convicted of felonies with a gun.

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CA DOJ Requesting Six Month AW Registration Extension…

The Firearms Policy Coalition, has reviewed California’s budget changes this year, to find that the DOJ is requesting millions more to implement unconstitutional gun control. It’s no secret that the DOJ was late, with their new regulation draft proposal to the Office of Administrative Law, that is required by law. So you won’t be surprised to know, that the DOJ is requesting a six month extension, to the new bullet button “assault weapon” registration deadline.

From the Firearms Policy Coalition: Sacramento Politicians Want Even More Money to Stifle your Second Amendment Rights

They’re also requesting a six-month extension of the bullet button weapon registration deadline and $5 million to fight the Trump administration.

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Terror In The United Kingdom, Again

Not long after the terrorist bombing at a Manchester concert, Islamic jihadists have struck again, this time at London Bridge. A rented van was driven on the sidewalk and used to run over pedestrians. Three terrorists exited the vehicle with knives, and were thankfully shot dead by police, as they were in the process of attacking more people. The tactic of using vehicles is the same used, in the Westminster Bridge attack, and in Nice, France. There are seven dead in the latest attack, which goes to show that disarming a populace, will not stop terrorist and bad actors. Though you can bet that those who plan these attacks are emboldened, because they can act with impunity, until armed police arrive. Which is too late for many.

‘Act of Terror’ as Van Hits Pedestrians in London Bridge, Seven Fatalities, Multiple Injuries

This is a reminder, that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, should never be taken for granted. Those that intentionally abrogate the right to keep and bear arms, as in California, are setting citizens up for successful attacks. Because the mandated defenseless are a morale booster for terrorists and criminals. The political correctness that has replaced common sense, is aiding those, who intentionally victimize people. Where gun control advocates, never want to mention the untold numerous lives saved, because of armed self defense. Despite its obvious significance.

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CA DOJ’s New Underground “Assault Weapon” Regulations

The official draft of the new California “assault weapon” ban is out. The one that they weren’t providing to CRPA. People in the know have already pointed out, the fact that the CA DOJ is once again attempting to foist underground regulation on citizens, because their draft includes language inconsistent with actual legislation.

One issue is that they’ve decided to include shotguns in the regs.

The CA DOJ “Assault Weapon” regs/ aka underground regulation

NRA and CRPA Attorneys Obtain Text of Proposed “Assault Weapon” Registration Regulations

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NYPD Cops Accepted Strippers And Vacations For CCW

This is what happens when you let corrupt government license your right to keep and bear arms. Depriving citizens of their rights but adding insult to injury. Corrupt cops have been busted for gun licensing bribery.

NY Daily News: NYPD Cops Accepted Strippers, Vacations for Expedited Gun Permits

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Lawsuit Filed Against California’s “Assault Weapon” Ban

The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, and the California Rifle and Pistol Association, are supporting a lawsuit against the state of California for its “assault weapon” ban. If this challenge eventually fails at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, it’s good to know there’s a replacement for Justice Scalia, on the Supreme Court.

Lawsuit Filed Against California’s Assault Weapons Control Act

The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today announced it is supporting, along with the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), an important Second Amendment lawsuit challenging California’s newly expanded Assault Weapons Control Act (AWCA).

Here’s a PDF copy of the complaint from Michel & Associates: http://michellawyers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Rupp-v.-Becerra_Filed-4-24-17_Complaint.pdf

This is a good reason to support the NRA and CRPA.

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The Regulatory Framework Of Short-Barrel Firearms

Here’s a good explanation of the National Firearms Act and its flaws. The prohibition era regulation sought to curb possession of NFA firearms through a scheme of taxation. Likely because NFA regulation advocates, new that outright banishment of firearms they didn’t approve of, would not hold up to legal scrutiny. Where the 1934 $200 NFA tax is the equivalent to $3,582.19 in 2016.

A hate tip to Bill Wiese of the Calguns Foundation for this article in Harvard Journal:


The legislative history of the NFA shows that the purpose of
the statute was to stem Prohibition‐era violence…

We see how well gun control works out for controlling violence. Today in gun control California, violent crime is on the rise and not because of inanimate firearms, but because of the poor policies put in place by leftists who abhor the exercise of the Second Amendment by citizens.

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86,000 M1 Garands May Be Heading To CMP

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has been informed that 86,000 M1 Garands may be heading to them by way of the Philippines. Good news for people who are able to acquire rifles from the CMP.

BREAKING: Civilian Marksmanship Program May Receive 86,000 M1 Garand Rifles from the Philippines

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Judge Neil Gorsuch Is Confirmed To SCOTUS

Here we have what looks like the best case scenario. Judge Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States. Despite all of the complaints, keep in mind that he was confirmed to sit on the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006, with no Democrat opposition. He is just about the most qualified man for the job, so the talk is all smoke and mirror political posturing, to stick it to gun owning freedom loving Americans. He is known for adhering to the Constitution which is a good thing for our Second Amendment.

NRA Statement on U.S. Senate Confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch

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