Detroit Councilman Reject Veteran Memorial Because of Gun

Certain anti-gun council members of a Detroit suburb, have rejected a fallen soldier veteran’s memorial, solely because it’s composed of a battle cross. Where dog tags, and a helmet, are hung atop a rifle.

Their desire to impose political correctness outweighs anything else. The very same people behind the reason why, the word Detroit, is used as a pejorative.

From Fox:

“There was some concern from a couple of members regarding the specific memorial that’s proposed. Specifically, the gun,” Milford Village Manager Christian Wuerth told the Free Press, “They understood the history and meaning of it; they just didn’t feel it was appropriate for that specific location.”

“Being a veteran, I want to see a monument there, yes,” Councilman Tom Nader said, according to the Free Press, “I just don’t think this is the proper one.”

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Tim McGraw Plays Anti-Gun Event

It’s not just hypocritical actors getting in on the anti-gun action. Country singer Tim McGraw will be headlining a gun control fundraiser for Sandy Hook Promise. Which means that Tim McGraw is helping to raise money for gun prohibitionists that want to enact more deadly gun control. There’s no way around this no matter how he tries to explain it away.

From Breitbart:

Sandy Hook Promise is a vehicle which various relatives of Sandy Hook victims have joined to push gun control in response to Adam Lanza’s theft and dastardly misuse of firearms.

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ZQI Ammunition Factory Tour

Military Arms Channel takes a look at the ZQI ammunition factory in Turkey. How their 5.56 is made. It’s very tedious and it’s apparent that it’s very good quality ammo.

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OR Sheriff Says Gun Background-Check Won’t Be Enforced

An Oregon Sheriff that respects the United States Constitution, unlike those who propose gun prohibition, says he won’t enforce the proposed Bloomberg “universal background-check” law. Senate Bill 941, that was passed by Democrats, would criminalize the normal private party sale of guns.

From Fox:

Sheriff Dave Daniel, from Josephine County, which sits on the border with California, told the paper that it appears that the law is not in line with the county’s charter and said he does not have the personnel to pursue violators committing a misdemeanor.

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“Concealed Carrier Stops Bat Wielding Attacker in Walmart”

Here’s another story you may never have heard. A man with a concealed handgun permit, was attacked with a bat in Walmart while with his two children, but too bad for the attacker he was armed. Not shots were fired but the bad guy went away. Another successful story that gun prohibitionists will never acknowledge.

From Guns Save Lives:

A 32-year-old man who was shopping with at least three children at a Yakima Wal-Mart was the victim of an unprovoked assault when a stranger picked up a metal tee-ball bat and struck him, according to Yakima police.

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Concealed Carrier Thwarts Potential Deadly Carjacking

It’s always nice to see that a law abiding gun owner, has successfully dealt with a violent criminal, and especially when it’s a carjacker.

This was brought to my attention by The Federalist Papers Project:

The Good Samaritan was able to put a stop to the chaos, possibly saving the woman’s life in the process, when he decided to draw his gun. It wasn’t the police, or the woman clinging for dear life to the hood, that ended up stopping the young thief.

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Coonan 357 Magnum Semi-Auto Pistol

Here’s Jerry Miculek giving a shooting demo with the Coonan 357 Magnum pistol. A 1911 that shoots .357 Mag.

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FN’s New Semi-Auto M249 SAW

Yes, they’ve done it. FNH USA is releasing a semi-auto M249S squad automatic weapon. You may be asking yourself why. Well, there’s a whole lot of people who’d like to own one. That fact that these are not machine guns make them easier to own. Expect a Fall release.

More from Guns America.

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Defense Without A Gun?

Defense without a firearm is a reality for many in the United States. Especially for those who live in states, where the powers that be, are hostile to the Second Amendment. Concealed Carry magazine editor, Kevin Michalowski, has some tips and pointers.

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Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Activism Hurting Hillary

It’s not rocket science, that those who respect the Second Amendment, are insulted with Hillary Clinton as a candidate for president. Her stance on the Second Amendment is a known quantity.

While Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun activism, keeps the issue at the forefront, you know that Hillary would rather it be kept under the radar. Until at such time, when she’ll “have more flexibility,” to act on her hatred for the Second Amendment.

Via Legal Insurrection:

Given Hillary Clinton’s statement about gun owners being a “minority” and acting like “terrorists,” Bloomberg is probably not winning any points in the Clinton camp by highlighting the left’s gun control agenda.

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