Armed Citizens Stopped Ferguson Looters Cold

This is a great lesson, of why the Second Amendment is of the utmost importance, and why it must be vigorously defended. Gateway Pundit reports, that on a night of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following a grand jury announcement of the fate of Officer Darrel Wilson, citizens took up arms to defend their livelihoods, at the North St. Louis Strip Mall. As a result, businesses there were not looted, nor burned to the ground.

The result of potential looters, knowing that lives and property are protected by armed citizens, carrying AR15 rifles and pistols is priceless:

“They estimated that 100 cars had come by throughout the night, seemingly to check the place out, but turned away.

Realize that in states and locales across the United States, there are gun prohibition laws, that ban the best firearms for self defense. That discourage or prohibit even the carry of unloaded firearms. As in California. So what recourse do citizens have in such places, were the powers that be are so against self defense, that they put the public at great risk during times of unrest. Where it’s highly likely that police and emergency services cannot or will not respond?

To say that such anti-gun extremists, do the public a great disservice, would be an understatement.

Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who authored AB 144. A ban on open carry, of firearms, even if unloaded.

Former California Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who authored AB 144. A ban on open carry, of firearms, even if unloaded. Thankfully he termed out.

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Legislation Introduced In response To Operation Choke Point

There’s new legislation that was introduced in response to Operation Choke Point. The operation used to force banks to cease ties with “suspicious business” under the Obama administration. That you know targeted the gun industry. The new legislation is The Financial Institution Customer Protection Act. It prohibits federal banking regulators, from ordering financial institutions to terminate customer accounts, unless the regulator has a material reason and they put it in writing. Which wouldn’t be needed if the Obama administration was honest.

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Gun Control News In L.A. And D.C.

It seems that the city of Los Angeles hasn’t done enough damage to the citizen’s right to self defense. They’ve already mandated registration of all ammunition sales, which means residents must register at the point of sale, like a criminal. While the city emboldens real criminals because they place burdens on the law abiding. Now the city of L.A. is attempting to mandate digital records so that registration data can be transferred to the police on the fly. They’re also attempting to mandate that your guns be locked up while in the home. I don’t know how they propose to enforce that but I’m sure criminals feel safer already.

On the east coast, our capitol of D.C., is inching closer to a contempt ruling over their concealed carry requirements. They’re too stringent. Alan Gura says that D.C. should be held in contempt, for violating a ruling that overturned the city’s ban, on carrying firearms. In fact, U.S. District Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr., is now deciding just that.

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More Guns Less Police Deaths In 2013

This article at Breitbart points to recent FBI statistics for 2013, that show the number of officers killed in the line of duty decreased, by 40 percent when gun sales were at an all time high. It’s more guns, less crime again. The same agency indicates that violent crime against private citizens decreased for 2013 as well.

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Australia’s Gun Ban Of 1996: “The Real Story”

Do you ever wonder what the real deal is with the right to keep and bear arms in Australia? Here’s an informative video, from TiborasaurusRex of Youtube fame, that features an Australian national that’s in the firearm business. He gives the real scoop on Australia’s gun ban, of 1996, and what firearms are allowed to the public there.

It’s a stark contrast to gun laws in the United States, where we actually have an individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, that’s incorporated throughout the states. You will appreciate even more what we have here, but let it be a reminder, that the gun prohibitionists would love to initiate something similar in the United States. Where self defense is anathema. It’s every citizen’s job to never let it happen.

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NV: Bloomberg’s Initiative To Outlaw Private Gun Sales A Go

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and his top down organization “Everytown for Gun Safety,” have poured millions getting enough signatures in Washington state to get a proposition passed that outlaws all private party gun sales. Being charged with a felony for lending a firearm is a reality in Washington state.

Now Michael Bloomberg is concentrating on Nevada. In hopes that low information voters in Las Vegas will pull through just as they have done in Washington state. His group already has approximately 250,000 signatures for a similar initiative, depending on which media outlet you read. That’s enough to get the so called “universal background checks” put on the ballot in 2015.

Such a measure was already vetoed by Nevada Governor Governor Brian Sandoval. The reason that Bloomberg has decided to spend millions as if he’s running for office in Nevada. Nevadans need to get active and tell Bloomberg where to go.

The Godfather of Gun Control. He spends millions pushing anti-gun initiatives.

The Godfather of Gun Control. He spends millions pushing anti-gun initiatives.

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CA AG Intervention Denied In Peruta Carry Case

In the Peruta case, a 3 judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, struck down California’s “good cause” requirement, to obtain a concealed handgun carry license. Because the Second Amendment is good enough. Of course California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris appealed. Well, today, you’ll be glad to know that the court denied the appeal!

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Best $1149+ Tactical Riflescopes For The Money

I’m sorry it took me so long to find this review at precision rifle blog. Are you looking for a good tactical scope that you’re willing to spend more than $1000 on? This is the perfect review. From Schmidt and Bender to Bushnell tactical scopes. Make sure to check it out.

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Obama’s FEC Wants To Regulate Internet Opposition

Obama’s FEC would like to prevent internet communication that’s exposing the lies. FEC Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel, wants to regulate political speech online, and you can bet it’s not the speech that ignores a scandalous presidential administration. They can call it what they want but you know what it is. This doesn’t bode well for the Second Amendment, since they’d love to prevent the NRA and the American people, from having a voice.

Here’s Trifecta with Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle:

There’s contact info for the Federal Election Commission at this link.

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California Gun Owner Not Guilty of Federal Conspiracy

A California gun owner defended by the Calguns Foundation has been found not guilty of a federal conspiracy charge. A federal jury found Ulysses S. Grant Early IV not guilty of making false statements on federal firearm form 4473. Early bought a Ruger LCP handgun, that’s not available to the general public by way of not being on California’s bogus roster of approved handguns, from a police officer who’s exempted from said roster. Early ended up being charged. Even when transferring the handgun was perfectly legal. This is a typical case of governmental overreach and one that citizens shouldn’t have face.

“This verdict has renewed my faith in our system and the value of all of our constitutional rights, especially the right to a trial by jury,” Early said after hearing the news. “I feel like justice was served and I’m grateful for that. My family and I can finally get back to living our lives.”

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