Sandy Hook Teachers To Lie About Guns On CBS

According to AWR Hawkins, two teachers from the former Sandy Hook Elementary, that represent the group “Sandy Hook Educators for Gun Sense,” will be lying through their teeth Sunday morning on CBS. In order to push Michael Bloomberg “universal background checks.” Which gun prohibitionists wish to use as their basis for gun registration in the United States. A law that would have in no way stopped the Sandy Hook Shooter.

If you want a glimpse of the future under such mandates, one only need to look at states like, California and New Jersey. Where corrupt politicians try their hardest to make self defense illegal.

Abbey Clements, one of the teachers makes claims, that there were 100 school shootings since Sandy Hook. Which we all know is a total crock of you-know-what.

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Dave Workman On What’s In I-594

Spurring memories of Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous statement, Dave Workman informs us, about some of what’s actually in I-594. The bill that billionaires purported to pass all in the name of “guns safety.” Until their next gun control push, because you can be assured that criminalizing the handing of a gun to a friend, is not enough.

He covers, the unfolding of I-594 in Washington, where a hunter education instructor quits over the new law. This is what happens, when laws are created that make people felons, for the simple act of handing a gun to an adult student.

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Austin Police Chief Wants “Gun Enthusiasts” Vetted

Right after a madman, attempting suicide by cop, Austin Police Chief, Art Acevedo, didn’t hesitate to mention “gun enthusiasts” in the same breath as someone like Larry McQuilliams. The one responsible for shooting up the Austin Police Headquarters and surrounding area. Thankfully no one was harmed except for McQuilliams. He was shot dead by a police officer, with a handgun, from 312 feet. That’s 104 yards! With that sort of shooting you can bet the officer’s a gun enthusiast.

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9th Circuit Orders Briefing Of AG Harris’ Status In Peruta Case

The anti-gun California Attorney General couldn’t let this case be. The United States Court for the Ninth Circuit, has ordered a briefing(pdf here) on whether the California Attorney General, will be allowed to intervene, in Peruta v. County of San Diego.

The case where the court ruled that the Second Amendment is good enough cause for concealed carry. One judge has filed, for the court, to decide if the case should go en banc. Meaning the whole case gets reheard, by the whole court, and not just a three judge panel. Not good, but there’s still a good possibility, that it won’t.

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U.S. Fish And Wildlife Hid Data To Pass CA Lead Ammo Ban

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, has discovered key data was withheld from the state legislature, just in time for them to approve a final draft of a needless statewide lead ammunition ban for hunting(AB 711). The data shows, that lead levels in tested California Condors, didn’t really change. Which can only suggest one thing.

The blame lies with the former director of California Fish and Game, John McCamman, who now works for U.S. Fish and Wildlife, as the California Condor Recovery Coordinator. I bet you’re not surprised.

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TheYankeeMarshal Review: The Gunbox

The Yankee Marshal takes a look at the Gunbox on youtube. Nice review but not really a “safe.” It’s an RFID activated gun lock box with options for GPS tracking if stolen. Though I favor something that can be bolted down.

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Anti-Gun Bloomberg’s Targeting More Than 12 States

Fresh from fooling enough low information voters in Washington with I-594, Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization, is planning to go farther. You may have heard of a similar initiative in Nevada, to make all private party sale of firearms illegal. Since the group has gathered enough signatures. The anti-gunners are counting on urban Las Vegas.

Bloomberg will also be spending his money, in an attempt, to do the same in Oregon. In reality, Bloomberg is spending money in numerous states. From this article at USA Today more than 12 states. Not surprising. Why Americans need to be informed and vigilant.

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“Mega Arms Megalithic MATEN 6.5CM Build Overview”

Are you looking for an accurate long range AR rifle you can build in a 6.5 caliber? 8451 Tactical tells you how with the Mega Arms Megalithic MATEN build. Nice rifle.

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Armed Citizens Stopped Ferguson Looters Cold

This is a great lesson, of why the Second Amendment is of the utmost importance, and why it must be vigorously defended. Gateway Pundit reports, that on a night of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following a grand jury announcement of the fate of Officer Darrel Wilson, citizens took up arms. To defend their livelihoods at the North St. Louis Strip Mall. As a result, businesses there were not looted, nor burned to the ground.

The result of potential looters, knowing that lives and property are protected by armed citizens, carrying AR15 rifles and pistols, is priceless:

“They estimated that 100 cars had come by throughout the night, seemingly to check the place out, but turned away.

Realize that in states and locales across the United States, there are gun prohibition laws, that ban the best firearms for self defense. That discourage or prohibit even the carry of unloaded firearms. As in California. So what recourse do citizens have in such places, were the powers that be are so against self defense, that they put the public at great risk during times of unrest. Where it’s highly likely that police and emergency services cannot or will not respond.

To say that such anti-gun extremists, do the public a great disservice, would be an understatement.

Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who authored AB 144. A ban on open carry, of firearms, even if unloaded.

Former California Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, who authored AB 144. A ban on open carry, of firearms, even if unloaded. Thankfully he termed out.

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Legislation Introduced In response To Operation Choke Point

There’s new legislation that was introduced in response to Operation Choke Point. The operation used to force banks to cease ties with “suspicious business” under the Obama administration. That you know targeted the gun industry. The new legislation is The Financial Institution Customer Protection Act. It prohibits federal banking regulators, from ordering financial institutions to terminate customer accounts, unless the regulator has a material reason and they put it in writing. Which wouldn’t be needed if the Obama administration was honest.

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