Judge Told Mall Shooter He Was Not To Posses Firearms

The murder suspect in the Cascade Mall shooting, who turned out not to be hispanic like first reported, but a Turkish immigrant instead. Has had previous run ins with the law. His criminal record includes three domestic-violence assault charges. On Dec. 29, The Seattle Times reports that an Island County District Court judge, told him he was not to possess firearms. Likewise, the criminal class that victimize people for personal gain, don’t obey gun control laws.

If we’re to believe the myth that gun control, is the magical panacea to society’s ills, five people inside Macy’s department store that fateful night would still be alive. This is one of those realities that shatter the gun control argument. As laws that restrict the law abiding, do not and will not, stop bad actors. Such laws turn out to be dangerous, because the end result is, that they protect and embolden violent criminals.

The Seattle Times: “Suspect in mall shooting was socially awkward and troubled in high school, friends say”

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‘Good Chance’ Mall Shooting Is Islamic Terrorism

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, just told Fox News that “there’s a good chance” that the Cascade Mall shooting “could be” Islamic terrorism. The shooters ex-girlfriend works there, but the details are short, and if it was personal why were others targeted?

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Mall Shooter Captured, Suspect Turkish Muslim

The suspect in the murder of five people, inside the Cascade mall, was captured today. The description originally given was that of a hispanic male, yet it turns out, that he’s a Turkish Muslim. Was his intent jihad?

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Five Shot In Washington At Macy’s Department Store

Police are searching for a suspect, in a shooting that occurred at Macy’s in Burlington, Washington. A common “gun free” zone. So far five people were murdered according to the Washington State Patrol. By a hispanic male, that’s possibly carrying a Ruger 10/22, or similar rifle visible in the provided surveillance pictures at BearingArms.com.

Remember that Washington state hit the gun safety lotto, buy passing Michael Bloomberg astroturfed, “universal background checks.” That magically ensure “gun safety,” where in all likelihood, it has given criminals and those with ill intent a boost in confidence. By way of placing a false onus on Americans, who only want to exercise, their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for protection. A thinly veiled avenue of disarmament without calling it that.

From Breitbart:

Washington state has the comprehensive background checks Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Gabby Giffords push as a way to make Americans safer.

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USPSA Shooter, NRA Instructor, Shot Knife Wielding Terrorist

You should be glad to know that an NRA instructor, and member of the United States Practical Shooting Association, stopped a Somali man on a knife rampage in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Jason Falconer, shot the knife wielding maniac, that stabbed 8 people before he had a chance to murder someone. You’d never know Jason’s firearm background, listening to the mainstream media, who overshadows them with his police credentials.

From Bearing Arms:

It’s almost as if the media is attempting to cover up the fact that creating and training armed citizens is a major part of the man who took out the terrorist in a MN mall this weekend.

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Cruz Urges Colleagues to Stop Obama’s Internet Giveaway

More people need to talk about the fact, that the Obama administration is about to give control of the internet away, to an international body that includes Iran, Russia, and China. This will happen on October 1. Nations that don’t hesitate to censor free speech and worse. In Europe, people are already being censored and even charged, for sharing their opinion of sharia law on the internet. Which the draconian governments are now calling “hate speech.” Things that are considered normal for Americans to do.

Sen. Ted Cruz, is asking Congress to take action and stop it, with a congressional act. You might wonder why, anyone would come up with the foolish idea, to give the internet away to begin with. Especially since it’s a US creation. Some of the bad acting nations, are already shopping around for jurisdictions, so they won’t have to follow US laws.

Ted Cruz Blasts Obama Admin for Wanting to Censor the Internet…

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The Most Important Poll Happens On Election Day! #2A

Despite biased media, and Bloomberg created astroturf, disseminating the idea of gun control across the nation. Americans still covet their firearms.

Pew research polls show that there was a noticeable increase in gun ownership. It went from 29% two years ago to 44% this year. The NRA-ILA has a possible explanation why.

Abracadabra! Gun Owners Reappear Like Magic!

With President Obama unable to impose gun control during his last months in office, with Americans increasingly supporting gun ownership rights, and with gun control propaganda having been discredited by recent events at home and abroad, some previously cautious gun owners may now be willing to tell a complete stranger on the phone that they own guns. However, such complacency may change in a hurry, if Hillary Clinton is elected and begins using the power of the presidency to undermine gun owners’ interests.

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Remington And Glock Sue MA Governor For Witch Hunt

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, is displaying more of her extreme anti-gun bias, by harassing Glock and Remington. Through a fraudulent taxpayer funded investigation, into the gun manufacturers over safety, which really amounts to an attempt at intimidation.

When Glocks are known as reliable, and widely used by law enforcement across the nation, including Massachusetts. The U.S. Navy SEALS have also adopted the Glock 19 over their Sig P226 handguns. These pistols have passed some of the most rigorous testing, in order for them to be chosen, by law enforcement and naval special operations. So you know Maura Healey, is pushing an anti-gun agenda, where safety really does not enter into the equation.

Gun makers have fired back, by rightfully suing, in what is best described as a “witch hunt” of gun manufacturers. After all of her questionable legal maneuvers, to criminalize the possession and use of the most popular rifles in the nation, it’s very obvious what her stance is on the Second Amendment.

“Next in AG’s gunfight: Remington, Glock”

At Bearing Arms:

This State Attorney General Is Straight-Up Deranged

None of these incidents were accidental discharges, nor were they the result of design defects.

The idiot in San Francisco picked up a loaded handgun, pointed it in the direction of another deputy as a “joke,” and pulled the freaking trigger. That isn’t an accidental discharge. It was assault with a deadly weapon.

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Home Invasion in Fremont, California Caught On Video

Here’s the informative details, of a “coordinated” home invasion in Fremont, California. There is believed to be five individuals carrying out these home invasion robberies. Yes, leftist gun prohibitionists, are always claiming that citizens don’t need more than ten rounds for self defense. Well, it’s obvious that such claims, are false. Being limited in such a manner, should you be forced to defend your life, could lead to your demise. Who are they trying to protect? The robbers?

Armed home invaders caught on surveillance cameras in Fremont:

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Mizzou Coach Prohibits Players From Owning Handguns

Missouri football coach Barry Odom, has set forth a policy, that prohibits football players from owning handguns. No, not on the premises of the university. A total ban on ownership of handguns that blatantly violates the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. It seems that Mizzou and coach Odom are thumbing their noses at our Constitution.

Report: Mizzou head coach prohibits players from legally owning handguns

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