Obama’s FEC Wants To Regulate Internet Opposition

Obama’s FEC would like to prevent internet communication that’s exposing the lies. FEC Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel, wants to regulate political speech online, and you can bet it’s not the speech that ignores a scandalous presidential administration. They can call it what they want but you know what it is. This doesn’t bode well for the Second Amendment, since they’d love to prevent the NRA and the American people, from having a voice.

Here’s Trifecta with Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle:

There’s contact info for the Federal Election Commission at this link.

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California Gun Owner Not Guilty of Federal Conspiracy

A California gun owner defended by the Calguns Foundation has been found not guilty of a federal conspiracy charge. A federal jury found Ulysses S. Grant Early IV not guilty of making false statements on federal firearm form 4473. Early bought a Ruger LCP handgun, that’s not available to the general public by way of not being on California’s bogus roster of approved handguns, from a police officer who’s exempted from said roster. Early ended up being charged. Even when transferring the handgun was perfectly legal. This is a typical case of governmental overreach and one that citizens shouldn’t have face.

“This verdict has renewed my faith in our system and the value of all of our constitutional rights, especially the right to a trial by jury,” Early said after hearing the news. “I feel like justice was served and I’m grateful for that. My family and I can finally get back to living our lives.”

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Bill Whittle’s latest on the Second Amendment. What the Second Amendment clearly means despite those who are in denial.

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2nd Amendment Ammo At INDIEGOGO

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Crowdfunding for Second Amendment businesses over at indiegogo. Who bill themselves as “The world’s funding engine.” Nice to see a budding ammunition manufacturer with a veteran at the helm. It’s Second Amendment Ammo looking for backers now.

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Anti-Gun CA Senator De León Accused Of Voter Fraud

The infamous “Ghost Gun” Senator from California, Kevin de León, is being accused of voter fraud by BUZZPO. The claim is that they can’t verify a home in his district. Which would certainly be illegal. It would be great to see such a rabidly anti-gun politician legally hammered if the accusations are true.

Senator Kevin DeLeon is running in District 24. Rumor has it, that he has a 1 bedroom apartment which he neither visits or resides in listed as his residence. We are unable to verify that he owns any residence in his districts through traditional methods.

Thanks to a poster at calguns.net for bringing this up.

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MAC’s Beretta ARX100 Review

Military Arms Channel reviews the Beretta ARX100 5.56. It’s made in the United States. So many choices today. Well, unless you’re in one of those terrible states.

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Video: IWI Tavor Bullpup Rifle Review

The sootch00 IWI Tavor bullpup rifle review. Pretty good.

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Defense Distributed “Ghost Gunner” Plug And Play AR Maker

Defense Distributed has created what looks to be an 80 percent AR mill in a box. Something that’s small enough to fit on a desk. The video indicates that it’ll cost $999.00. Very interesting indeed. Starring none other than the infamous gun hater California Senator Kevin de León.

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CA: Brown Signs Bad “Gun Violence Restraining Order” Bill

What do gun prohibitionists want? Your guns of course. So the governor of California has signed AB 1014, that would lower the standard for government agencies when it comes to confiscating your firearms, based on the magical feel good logic that only gun banners could think up. It’s called confiscating your gun without due process of law. Despite the fact that it wouldn’t have mattered when it comes to Elliot Rodger. Of course our wonderful gun ban proponents are not demanding knife control either when three of his victims were stabbed to death.

Another bad bill that got a pass from the governor is AB 199, that mandates that all pellet and BB guns, be brightly colored. So now bank robbers will carry brightly colored guns.

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Attorney General Eric Holder Stepping Down

So U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is stepping down from his position. You might even be tempted to ask the question why, when President Obama seemingly won’t even flinch, in the face of egregious scandals that Eric Holder will never get to the bottom of. Fast and Furious comes to mind, being that it appears to be the reason, behind the departure.

Judicial Watch just won their court case to obtain DOJ Fast and Furious documents:

Of course:

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