Double Barreled 1911 pistol quad wield rapid fire!

Jerry Miculek fires Arsenal’s double barrel .45 ACP 1911s. Two of them at the same time. What’s really trick about the video, is the slow motion camera, catching the rounds in flight as they hit steel.

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Armatix “Smart Gun” Maker Files Chapter 11 In Germany

The so called “smart gun” manufacturer, Armatix, has filed for “chapter 11-style restructuring proceedings…” and didn’t attend a smart gun technology fair, at the New Rochelle Police Department in New York. Because the company wouldn’t authorize its representative’s travel expenses. And it’s not because gun buyers are enthused about its firearms.

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This Is Why We Need Guns And Full Capacity Magazines

A good reminder from Fox, of why the Second Amendment, is so greatly necessary. Why we should be so greatfull we have it. Fox Insider published the following video showing 5 armed home invaders kicking down someone’s front door. Now imagine being relegated to 10 round magazines, or even worse, being disarmed. All because of people like Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts.

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DC Gun Control Loss Puts New York City’s Gun Laws At Risk

The recent court decision, slapping down the District of Columbia’s issue policy on concealed handgun permits, could have an impact outside the district. This is good news for citizens that would like to exercise, their right to keep and bear arms, in places such as New York.

The “good cause” excuse, for not issuing carry permits, is currently being used in New York city too.

From NY Post:

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb was quoted by the Washington Free Beacon as calling it a “devastating loss for the District and its anti-gun-rights policy.” The Washington Post says it thrusts the district into a “national battle.”
That national battle could very well come to New York City. The city’s strict laws governing residents’ ability to carry a concealed gun would be vulnerable to the same constitutional objection as the DC gun laws.

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CA: “Smart Call For Fairer Traffic Fines” But Screw The RKBA

In California, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, and Sen. Loni Hancock, two notorious anti-gun legislators are interested in fairer traffic fines. In light of a report, at the linked opinion piece, that finds those who get traffic tickets are paying too much. Big surprise.

From the L.A. Times Opinion: “A smart call for fairer traffic fines

But on Tuesday, state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon and Sen. Loni Hancock, chair of the Public Safety Committee, sent joint letters to the Judicial Council and Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor asking them to assess the assessments and come back to the Legislature with a “more rational fee structure” that doesn’t excessively penalize people.

I find it noteworthy, that it’s the people who are responsible for unfair treatment of gun owners, via the yearly revolving gun legislation, where residents don’t know what’s coming next. That unfairly costs gun owners, while putting then in jeopardy of being caught in an unknowing web of laws that are so complex, that residents don’t know they’re breaking them. And of course, likely putting residents at a dangerous disadvantage, when it comes to self defense.

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Video: How Far Will a 45 ACP Kill?

Iraqveteran8888 tests out .45 ACP performance from unconventional ranges. All the way out to 440 yards even. And upside down shooting. This video is interesting, given that terrorists in Garland, were taken out by an off duty police officer with a .45 from a good distance.

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Obama Attacks GOP For Defending The Second Amendment

In a move, that’s in line with an administration that wants to pick and choose, what constitutional rights it will respect. White House press secretary Josh Earnest, highly criticized Republicans, for defending the Second Amendment.

From The Washington Times:

“There obviously is more that we’d like to see Congress do to support those efforts,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. “We believe that the [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms] could be even more effective if they were getting the proper level of support and funding from the United States Congress.”

He was responding to a report Tuesday by the Center for American Progress, a liberal advocacy group with close ties to the White House, calling for ATF to be merged with the FBI for greater enforcement of gun regulations.

The latest plan, is merging the BATFE with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for budgetary reasons. Make no mistake. President Obama and his cohorts, would like nothing more, than to annihilate the Second Amendment.

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BCM’s Gunfigher 1911 Pistol

Yes, a 1911 from BCM. It’s built by Wilson Combat.

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Federal Judge Says DC Carry Policy Is Unconstitutional

The District of Columbia gets smacked down by the courts again. The “good cause” requirement, that was really an excuse not to issue concealed permits, didn’t go over to well with Judge Frederick J. Scullin.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

“This conclusion should not be read to suggest that it would be inappropriate for the District of Columbia to enact a licensing mechanism that includes appropriate time, place and manner restrictions on the carrying of handguns in public,” Judge Scullin said in his ruling. “The District of Columbia’s arbitrary ‘good reason’/’proper reason’ requirement, however, goes far beyond establishing such reasonable restrictions.”

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Supreme Court Rules Felons Have Right To Sell Their Guns

The Supreme Court just ruled, that government can’t prevent a felon barred from gun ownership, from transferring away firearms under the right circumstances. When someone is convicted, it looks likely that they can be allowed, to transfer them to an FFL for sale.

From The Blaze:

Writing for the court, Justice Elena Kagan said letting a convicted felon sell or transfer guns is allowed as long as a court is satisfied that the person getting the weapons won’t give the felon control over them.

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