A Bad Bush Gunwalking Comparison

Claims about operation Wide Receiver; that guns were walked in the same way under the Bush administration, compared to today’s Fast and Furious, look to be false. In undercover law enforcement operations or stings, criminals buy or acquire guns, where the intent is to arrest them. This is not uncommon. This was was obviously what took place in Wide Receiver. The firearms in question were tracked via RFID tags by aerial and other surveillance assets. The intent was clear.

What is not common, is the outright walking of guns, without any intent to prevent them from further getting into the wrong hands. Agents were ordered not to interdict, the Fast and Furious straw buyers, thereby letting the firearms walk. The ATF handlers knew that said firearms were going to Mexico. In this regard Fast and Furious can’t be compared to operations previous to it. These claims look to be the latest diversion from a complicit media, the DOJ, and the White House.

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