Another Misleading BATFE Fast and Furious Article

When reading this article it’s not hard to imagine the author wishing a database of all gun owners existed. What we get is a drawn out story, in where it’s as if the public is set up to be surprised by the zealous BATFE souls that have to work data entry, at the National Tracing Center.

What we also get is more mention of Operation Fast and Furious without accurate facts. We should just start referring to them as lies from now on. There were approximately 2000 firearms that were walked into Mexico by BATFE. The article cuts that short by 1400 firearms. Oops.

Then the article mentions what it calls the “Central America Theory,” while insinuating that Congressman Issa and Senator Grassley, are wrong when they point out the highly inaccurate percentage given regarding firearms that originated from the United States. The article uses the new, but still highly inaccurate 70 percent numbers. No mention of the sampling bias due to them only tracing firearms that are traceable to the United States. Thousands of foreign arms are excluded but it’s convenient to have a high percentage number to tout for the purpose of pushing an agenda.

According to Senator Grassley’s letter to Kenneth Melson, these “70 percent” numbers also included the 2000 firearms walked into Mexico by the BATFE. No mention of that either.

No mention that Grassley cites the numbers from the same trace data and comes to the conclusion that the biggest source of crime guns recovered in Mexico, originated from the Directorate General of Military Industry in Mexico, or basically the Mexican government. Many firearms may have started out legally with U.S. government approval, but because of unfortunate circumstances and corruption, these genuine military grade firearms have fallen into the hands of criminals. Never the less, the article writer, is fine with domestic dealers and our Second Amendment taking the blame. Which begs the question: does the writer have an agenda or is it really just incompetence?

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