Brady Campaign’s New President

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has a new president. He’s the same as the last one. Willing to “have a discussion” that comes at the expense of the truth. Daniel Gross, the new man at the Brady Campaign, is a former advertising professional turned gun control promoter. When your gun ban agenda is not popular, what you can do is twist words around, and make facts up in an attempt to have an impact. Such is the way of gun control organizations.

According to Howard Nemerov, by choosing Daniel Gross, the Brady Campaign represents the following:

Using children to promote gun control while ignoring the leading cause of child homicide (abuse).

Ignoring the leading cause of juvenile and young adult violence (gangs) in order to promote gun control as a solution to violence.

Tacitly supporting municipalities violating federal law (sanctuary cities) to more easily advertise gun control as a solution, thereby punishing law-abiding gun owners for problems caused by government malfeasance.

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