CA: High Profile Gun Crime in Gun Restricted Zones

Despite the rhetoric that comes from gun ban extremists, like the numerous Democrats in the California state legislature, violent criminals and those looking to harm have easier pickings when government restricts self defense freedoms. The end result of gun control places citizens at greater risk. The founders of our nation wouldn’t have been armed, or thought of a Second Amendment, if being armed didn’t impart an immense societal value.

Unfortunately, like clockwork you know that because of the latest high profile shooting in Isla Vista, California, that leftist gun prohibitionists will be beating the drums.

All without a peep about how their destructive policies wreak havoc. That murder rates in high population Democrat controlled counties, and cities, in California are in the multiple hundreds every year. And when the FBI states that gangs are responsible for up to 80% of crimes, across the nation, they’re busy pointing fingers at inanimate firearms.

Although horrible, the small fraction of a high profile gun crimes that take place, in the scheme of the bigger picture is infinitesimal. Are we to doubt, that the political class who push for severe nonsensical gun controls, haven’t the capacity to understand this? One would get the idea that their political agenda is more important to them. For this very reason, they should not be given a shred of credibility, when it comes to constitutional rights and firearms.Dianne Feinstein

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