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Remington Defense Division Selling To The Public

Like the title says, the Remington Defense Division will be selling their special operations type weapons, to the general public. You’re going to need a lot of funding though. The MSRP on the Remington M2010 bolt action sniper rifle, in … Continue reading

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The Savage 110FCP .338 Lapua Rifle

The Savage 110FCP in .338 Lapua is a very affordable option for the caliber. Not as tacticool to some people but it’s undoubtedly a great value. Lt. Col. Nutnfancy gives us one of his long videos and a full review.

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ArmaLite Long Range Sniper AR-30A1T

Armalite has their new AR-30A1T lined up in .300 Win. Mag. at $3,460 and .338 Lapua Mag. at $3,599. According to Armalite both of these rifles feature sub moa performance. Each rifle weighs in at 14.5 pounds. I definitely want.

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Modular Driven Technology TAC21LA Remington 700 Chassis

You want a Remington 700 bolt on long action chassis? Here it is. From Modular Driven Technology. You could probably put one of these together in 10 minutes. Now you can have a bolt action chassis in 300WM or 338LM. … Continue reading

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The Barrett MRAD .338 Lapua

Benjamin Worthen covers the Barrett MRAD. From its similarity to the Model 98B, and the differences; it’s one long range rifle. Built to satisfy USSOCOM requirements. The acronym stands for Multi-Role Adaptive Design. A long rifle shooter’s dream for sure.

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