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AR15 and variant rifles.

CA: “Mod1 – Removable Without Disassembly of the Action”

Here’s an analysis of the “Mod1” firearms “compliance device,” from Bastiani Firearms, by firearms lawyer Jason Davis. He recommends against it until he gets further details from the manufacturer. Demonstrating that the Mod1 Magazine Locking Device does not prevent a … Continue reading

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Remington Defense Division Selling To The Public

Like the title says, the Remington Defense Division will be selling their special operations type weapons, to the general public. You’re going to need a lot of funding though. The MSRP on the Remington M2010 bolt action sniper rifle, in … Continue reading

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NSSF: The ARAK-31 And Who Is Faxon Firearms?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation presents the 2015 SHOT Showcase theater with Faxon Firearms. Faxon gives a run down of their ARAK rifle systems. There’s more where that came from. Take a look at the NSSF youtube page.

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M16 “Gun Trouble” In The Armed Forces

Robert H. Scales at The Atlantic, is very critical of the modern military M16 variant, because of his experience in Vietnam. As well as reports from more recent battles. It’s true that the modern variants, are based on the same … Continue reading

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Hickok45 shoots the Faxom Firearms ARAK-21 XRS hybrid rifle. Pat AR and part AK. You can interchange out the barrel caliber too. It looks like a fancy AR.

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The Bravo Company EAG Tactical Carbine

Pat Rogers gives his introduction and praise for BCM’s EAG Tactical Carbine.

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MAC’s Beretta ARX100 Review

Military Arms Channel reviews the Beretta ARX100 5.56. It’s made in the United States. So many choices today. Well, unless you’re in one of those terrible states.

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Video: IWI Tavor Bullpup Rifle Review

The sootch00 IWI Tavor bullpup rifle review. Pretty good.

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Wilson Combat Announces New BILLet-AR Rifles

Wilson Combat is offering their BILLet-AR matched upper and lower receivers. Engineered “from the ground up to address structural design weaknesses in standard USGI receivers and enhance overall tolerances.” CNC machined from 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum billet stock. They look great.

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The Unfortunate Death Of John Noveske

It’s a sad day for gun enthusiasts and the gun industry alike. John Noveske, owner of Noveske Rifleworks LLC, has perished in an auto accident. There almost isn’t a rifle aficionado who didn’t want to own a Noveske rifle. Such … Continue reading

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