Coonan Arms Classic .357 Magnum 1911 Pistol

Coonan Arms has created something that .357 Magnum and 1911 fans dream of. A .357 Magnum 1911 pistol. It holds 7+1 .357 cartridges, and the grip circumference looks larger than normal, but you can’t have everything.

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2 Responses to Coonan Arms Classic .357 Magnum 1911 Pistol

  1. ted spring says:

    Did see these recently….have not fired one myself! Am 43 year often shooter of 1911 and 1911A1..used 1911A1 in combat in Vietnam for nearly 2 years..a great combat pistol that gets the job done well…. I own Colt made in 1913 and one from 1918…as well as a Llama Clone that is about 14 years or so old..all great guns..! Coonan .357Mag 1911 is great long over due idea…and looks real nice -However; quite pricy in this economy – would have been a hot seller at $800.00 or $895.00 price range – $1300.00 area is alot of Bucks for the bang…..too much for old retired Army men like me!

  2. Gunalizer says:

    I feel the same price wise. Though I still want one. Thank you for your service.