CRPA Submits Pre-Litigation Demand Opposing Gun Ban Regs

The California DOJ is attempting to skirt regulations, in regard to new “Bullet Button Assault Weapons” regulation, by ignoring requirements to allow public comment and Office of Administrative Law review. Claiming that the law itself exempts such requirements. A case of government screwing over the people with the people’s own tax dollars if you’ve ever seen it.

BREAKING: CRPA and NRA Submit Pre-Litigation Demand Letter Opposing DOJ’s “Bullet Button Assault Weapon” Regulations

Contrary to the limits of the OAL exemption contained in the statute itself, the regulations submitted by DOJ to OAL go far beyond what is necessary for the registration process. The regulations actually read like a wish list from the gun ban lobby that DOJ is attempting to shoehorn into the limited exception to the regulatory adoption process actually contained in the law. Included in the regulations DOJ submitted are over 40 new definitions, excessive personal information requirements for registering a firearm, requirements that individuals provide information on where they acquired their firearms, requirements that individuals provide DOJ with photos of their firearms, requirements for serializing firearms built from 80% receivers, expansion of the “assault weapon” definition to bullet-button equipped shotguns, and restrictions on removing the “bullet-button” once the firearm is registered as an “assault weapon.”

This is an example of how sinister California legislators are, when they impose a “limited exception,” in order to subvert the Constitution.

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