Dwindling Amount Of Pistols Left For Sale In California

The gun prohibitionists are in the process of having their way in California. Foisting disarmament and claiming that it’s about safety. When what it’s really about, is a leftist obsession with obliterating, the right to keep and bear arms.

Whenever there is high crime to comment about, you rarely see the anti-gun mouthpieces, address the elephant in the room. The criminals who seem to act with impunity, and who are emboldened by Democrats, who would rather blame inanimate objects. Thus placing the public in greater peril.

The Calguns Foundation has laid out some interesting statistics, gained from their request for roster of “not unsafe” handguns certified for sale, data from the CA DOJ. Half of the handguns allowed for sale are simply aesthetic variations of the same gun. With the new “micro-stamping” law(AB 1471) in place, there will be little if any, new guns on the list because such technology does not commercially exist.

Some will drop, simply because the state considers slight changes in manufacturing improvements, as triggering a requirement that existing approved guns be treated as a whole new model. Where they of course fail, the approval process to be allowed for sale, because they don’t meet the new requirements.

California DOJ’s Handgun Roster, Microstamping Requirement, and Legal Action Against Them

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