Everytown Employee Outs ‘Disturbing’ Campaign Tactics

There is no doubt that so called “Everytown for gun safety” is Michael Bloomberg styled astroturf. An anti-gun effort that comes from the top down. A case in point is the $20 million spend to pass Question 1 in Nevada. Now there’s a journalist, claiming he has an email from a former Everytown employee, outing questionable tactics.

Former Everytown Employee Claims Anti-Gun Group Uses ‘Disturbing’ Campaign Tactics

The emails describe how Everytown strategically chooses rural areas where it can hire employees at low wages and purchase a greater number of advertisements. The group hires “field staffs” to appear grassroots-driven, but the real backing comes from “political elites” and “billionaires.”

It’s never grass roots when the effort comes from billionaires.

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