Fighting Back Against Bloomberg’s Propaganda

As you may have heard, anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and his organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (legal ones too) have implemented an anti-gun billboard campaign using a truck as a mobile billboard to spread propaganda. The purpose of the latest stunt urges Congress to implement draconian New York City-style gun control where gun rights do not exist.

The good news is that CCRKBA (Citizens For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms) and SAF (Second Amendment Foundation) have teamed up to stop Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign.

We are standing up and fighting back. We will be implementing an urgent, time sensitive pro-gun campaign of our own called “Help Keep Us On The Road.” We will have a truck featuring a billboard that says “2,191 Americans Use Guns Every Day In Self-Defense.” With your help, our truck will follow Bloomberg’s truck and attack Bloomberg’s lies in every major city in America.

You can read more here and find out how you can help counter Bloomberg.

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