Gun Control Has Failed

Gun control has failed for a number of reasons. The most obvious being that criminals don’t intend to follow rules and especially gun laws. Thereby creating a dangerous burden among the most honest, because in many cases, they lack the best means of self defense. Even when faced with overwhelming evidence that gun control does not work, we still deal with a political class, that would rather subjugate citizens than allow them the traditional American Second Amendment that has worked for centuries.

Gun control is the antithesis of freedom that has made the nation the success it is. To disallow this freedom is an exercise in futility with drastic consequences.

The Michael Bloombergs, the Feinsteins, and those like Chuck Schumer, don’t deal with crime up close. They do so from behind bodyguards and levels of security one can only dream of. Cases like this one in Minnesota are all too familiar, and gun prohibitionists still come out of the woodwork, to blame inanimate objects as if doing so would somehow curb behavior.

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