Mexican Government Biggest Source of Cartel Crime Guns

Senator Chuck Grassley comes out swinging in a letter written to BATFE Director Kenneth Melson. His statements put to rest the fraudulent allegations regarding American firearms in Mexico. He indicates that American and Mexican governments conspired to manufacture a crisis.

With the statistics on hand from the BATFE trace data, Senator Grassley was able to come to the conclusion, that the biggest source of cartel firearms are from “Direccion General De Industria Milita.” In short, the Mexican government.

One last coffin nail by Grassley: “Data indicates that the top source dealer for illegal firearms traced in Mexico for 2009 was “Direccion General De Industria Milita” or the Directorate General of Military Industry in Mexico.”

In other words, the biggest source of cartel guns was the Mexican government itself.

The mention from Pajamas Media here. Grassley’s official website with his analysis.

So there it is folks. The information that the gun prohibition crowd doesn’t want you to see. It’s not good for the BATFE. A large portion of the guns that were traced to the U.S. are from Operation Fast and Furious.

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