NYPD Slayings: How Long Before Guns Are Blamed?

Dave Workman asks, “… how long will it be before anti-gun New York Mayor Bill de Blasio tries to shift public attention away from himself and tries to blame so-called “lax gun laws” and Second Amendment organizations …,” and the answer is very simple. Probably not very long.

The NAACP is already blaming guns, and down playing the serial criminal, who was intent on murdering New York City Police. So it will be no surprise when the mayor and gun prohibition groups, that espouse a policy of victim disarmament, jump on their usual bandwagon of blaming inanimate objects for the acts of criminals.

Which brings us to the ideology of the left that despises the Second Amendment. We have seen a thumbing of the nose in recent protests, at law and order, on display by those who share in the ideology. That is putting in mildly. So when Al Sharpton decides to hold hands with Michael Bloomberg’s, Moms Demand Action, it will be that much less credible than it already is.

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