Michael Bloomberg is spreading his anti-gun millions, by funding a ballot initiative in Nevada, to castrate the Second Amendment. By mandating California style background checks, and the elimination of the so called “gun show loophole” that does not really exist. It would end all private party sales. The effort is a ploy designed to bring about registration, the only reason being eventual confiscation of firearms. and disarmament.


The National Rifle Association has launched a dedicated website and enlisted the help of a big name in Nevada politics to help counter a Bloomberg-backed voter referendum on expanded background checks.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group, through their local proxy Nevadans for Background Checks– to which they have pumped more than $3 million — is driving a voter referendum to mandate background checks on all gun transfers that will be Question 1 at the polls this November.

The “universal background checks” are unenforceable without registration! It criminalizes private transfer of firearms. It will have no impact on criminals and it only targets the law abiding! Please donate.

Visit the National Rifle Association’s Vote No On Question 1 page.

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