Obama’s Plan To Ease Firearm Exports

In the latest gun news, the Obama administration has made a proposal, to supposedly ease firearm exports to other nations. The stated concerns in this latest, stems from whether such an action would also make it easier for the nation’s enemies to obtain firearms, to claims that the Obama administration will use the chance to appear gun friendly, without any real policy changes.

If the recent White House Export Control Reform Initiative, is an attempt to fix a “broken and antiquated” exporting system, or an attempt to game an industry and the public, it almost doesn’t matter.

We do know that Obama would sign a new “assault weapon” ban without hesitation. He favors repealing the Tiahrt Amendment even when law enforcement opposes such a measure. His stated gun control agenda, had to be scrubbed from the White House official website, but the information is still public knowledge and easily found.

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