Ninth Circuit Denies En Banc Rehearing For 10 Day Wait

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has denied an en banc request, to rehear Silvester V. Harris, where said court rejected a previous decision that basically exempted many citizens from the 10 day waiting period when buying a firearm. They have no problem accepting a Second Amendment restriction for citizens, that already legally own firearms, which does not make sense. It seems that the court does not care about hearing cases en banc, unless the case is going to further agendas, that are in tune with the leftist ideology.

From CRPA:


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CA: One Gun A Month Law Pulled From Committee Hearing

California Senator Anthony Portantino’s SB 497, the bill that would limit citizens to one long gun per month, was pulled from the Public Safety Committee hearing yesterday. Good news but keep in mind that it could come back at any time. Please keep the pressure on.

California: One Gun a Month Bill Pulled from Senate Public Safety Hearing

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Terrorist Attack In London Where Citizens Are Disarmed

Earlier today, a man that was likely “inspired by international terrorism,” murdered a London police officer and three other people. How do you think it feels being in a nation, that disallows self defense with firearms, when terrorists looking to create maximum death and destruction are at large? You can bet that’s how many people feel in London right about now. The situation for citizens in England, and especially London, will not be changing for the foreseeable future. Because this is what happens, when a cradle-to-grave nanny state government, that imports Islamic jihadists, is in charge.

Realize that attacks like this, is the very reason why the Trump administration has been attempting to enact a temporary travel ban, that the leftist political machine in the U.S. is doing everything in their power to foil.

UK Parliament terror attack: 5 dead, including cop and alleged assailant, in ‘sick and depraved’ act

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Alan Gura Takes on CA’s Handgun Roster at the Ninth Circuit

The day that Californians have been waiting for. Alan Gura, attorney for the Calguns Foundation, argues in the Ninth Circuit against California’s “not unsafe” handgun roster. A scheme in which the anti-gun leftist controlled state is trying to ban guns under the guise of “safety.” The case is Pena v. DOJ Bureau of Firearms Acting Chief Martha Supernor.

WATCH: CGF and Alan Gura Take on California’s Handgun Roster at the Ninth Circuit

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Secretary Zinke Withdraws Obama’s Lead Ammunition Ban!

In a really good move that couldn’t come soon enough, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke did away with, former President Obama’s lead ammunition and fishing tackle ban in national wildlife refuges. Yes, elections have good consequences.

The NRA Applauds Secretary Zinke’s Protection of Traditional Ammunition

Issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on January 19, 2017, Director’s Order No. 219 bans the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on lands, waters, and facilities managed by the Service. Today’s action demonstrates Secretary Zinke’s commitment to protecting our country’s treasured outdoor legacy.

It’s gone.

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Judge Says Gun Owners Can Publish Lawmakers’ Addresses

A California judge, has decided that the state of California has gone too far, with its law prohibiting the posting of private information of public figures. This was in response to the state’s action following a post by the therealwritewinger blog, of the names and addresses of California legislators readily available on the internet. In protest to gun rights infringing legislation passed by said legislators.

Gun rights advocates can publish lawmakers’ addresses, judge rules

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The FK BRNO 7.5 Field Pistol Approved For Importation

Here’s a pistol that might be flying under your radar. The FK BRNO 7.5 Field Pistol that made an appearance across the gun media in 2016. A departure from what most gun owners are used to. With its proprietary 100 grain round cartridge derived from a necked down 10mm, that is designed for farther than usual ranges in a threat environment, to its low style recoil system.

The 7.5 terminal ballistics are certainly impressive. It has a muzzle velocity of over 2000 fps that stays 1500 fps at 100 meters. If you can get your hands on one soon, the lack of ammunition on the market, will be a given. Cost? More than $5000 dollars.


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Lott Destroys Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s Anti-Gun Argument

With all of the statistical proof, not to mention age old wisdom, that self defense works. There are still plenty of naysayers like Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s Kerry Drake. Who makes bad arguments that criminals ignore “gun-free zones,” when it’s actually true that they target such places for their attacks, because it’s safer for them. John Lott Jr. lays the smack down.

Lott Jr.: Kerry Drake plain wrong about guns

These killers might be crazy, but they aren’t stupid. Picking defenseless targets means being able to kill more people. A long list of killers have explicitly stated this reasoning, including the 2015 Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting, the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and the 2015 attack in San Bernardino, California.

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CGF Files For Full-Court Hearing of Ten Day Waiting Period

The Calguns Foundation is asking for a rehearing, by seeking an en banc review, of Silvester v. Becerra. Where the 9th Circuit Court, “wrongly-decided opinion that overturned the trial court’s judgment that California’s Waiting Period Laws violate the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Why do people who already own guns need a cooling off period? It doesn’t make sense.

CGF, Others Seek Review by Full 9th Circuit Court in Major Second Amendment Lawsuit Challenging California Gun Waiting Period Laws

In December, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals bizarrely ruled that even a person legally carrying a concealed handgun as he buys another gun at retail needs to be ‘cooled off’ for another 10 days before exercising his Second Amendment rights and taking possession of a constitutionally-protected firearm.

We believe that the Ninth Circuit’s panel opinion was wrong as a matter of law. Not only did the panel incorrectly decide the Second Amendment issues in favor of the State of California, but in doing so it ignored important legal rules that govern the review of a lower court’s judgment after a trial.

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The Tikka T3X Arctic .308

Here’s an interesting new rifle offered by Tikka. Parent company Sako, is behind Tikka and the T3X Arctic in .308, created exclusively for the Canadian Rangers. It’s one great rifle, if you ask me, and now it’s available to the public. Sako has an outstanding reputation when it comes to their rifles and you know this one is no different.

The New Canadian Ranger Rifle? Tikka T3X Arctic .308—SHOT Show 2017

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