New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Signs Bad Gun Laws

While the press and others, might try and pretend that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, left the real bad gun control bills on his desk, he really just failed the ultimate litmus test. Among the laws he signed, is one prohibiting people that are on a secret terrorist watch list, from possessing guns. While it may seem reasonable to want to deprive terrorists from owning arms, what it amounts to is really deprivation of fundamental rights, without due process. Something that every citizen should be concerned with.

“As a former federal prosecutor, I understand the obligation of government to ensure the safety and security of its people,” the governor said in a bill-signing statement.
He added, “I urge Congress to take steps to ensure that law-abiding American citizens are never swept into these databases.”

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Ballistic Comparison: M9 vs.1860 Army

Here’s some neat ballistic testing by Military Arms Channel. The Service M9 9mm today vs. the old cap & ball .44 caliber 1860 Army revolver.

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“Criticize the Obama administration, pay a terrible price”

Wayne LaPierre spells out the modus operandi of the Obama administration. Which is attempting to dominate politics and silence opposition. That means attacking the First Amendment too. The Obama IRS, was abusing non-profit conservative groups, by prevent them from having tax exempt status. Meanwhile it took Obama’s perpetual campaign, Organizing for Action(OFA), just 73 days to receive exempt status. You can bet that George Soros’ money, will be coming in handy for them, when they’re attacking our Second Amendment.

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NRA: Stand Your Ground Is Not New

The Stand Your Ground Laws aren’t new. The duty to retreat experiment didn’t work out.

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50 Mayors Quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns

50 mayors have quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns in the last five months. Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to undermine Second Amendment rights is backfiring. That goes especially because of the campaigns he runs against lawmakers who vote against Second Amendment infringing legislation. MAIG is really about targeting legal guns to the detriment of freedom. Despite new membership, it’s nice to see mayors leave, Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization.

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More Gun “Research”

Here’s some more faulty science for you. This time because President Obama has erroneously defined “gun violence,” as a public health issue, post Sandy Hook. As if some award winning scientists, are going to crack the genetic gun crime gene, and a prescription vaccine for violent crime will be available at the pharmacist.

Some researchers at UC Irvine have used math and have “[...] created the first mathematical model to measure how legal gun availability impacts firearm-related homicide rates, published today in PLOS ONE.” Of course they also used Kellerman study stats.

There’s a reason that funding shouldn’t be spent on such studies, and gun ban supporters, never seem to mention it. Because to say such studies are biased is an understatement. The creators of the mathematical model, Irvine professors Dominik Wodarz and Natalia Komarova, work for a public university. Such work that you know the gun control crowd, can’t wait to use, to infringe on the American public’s constitutional gun rights.

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Florida Governor Stands By Stand Your Ground

Not one to capitulate to anti-self defense activists that are squatting at his office, Florida Governor Rick Scott, has said no to interfering with Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Once again the illogical victim disarmament crowd, fails to take into account the societal benefits, that firearms impart on our society. In the Zimmerman/Trayvon case Stand Your Ground was not even invoked as a defense. Which goes to show it’s all a political agenda with the anti-gun phonies.

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Understanding BATF Form 4473

You may or may not know that all new firearms sales require a gun buyer fill out BATF form 4473. It’s the form with information as to the buyers legitimacy when purchasing a firearm. Such as name, address, date of birth, etc. Your background information is then screened through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System or NICS. The data transmitted or given, is not supposed to be kept permanently on file, per law. It’s only used to clear your eligibility to exercise your right to keep and bear arms. The federal firearm licensed dealer is then required to keep the form on file for 20 years.

I wanted to cover this topic since I know many people have various questions. There are different laws concerning transfering of firearms, for every state, but they all require form 4473.

Been delayed or denied from picking up your firearm? There are many reasons. Keep in mind that dealers are not informed of why when it happens. If it’s erroneous, you must clear that up with NICS or possibly your state, in order to get clearance. One common reason for being delayed is that you share a similar name with someone else. In some states like California, it’s well known that their database of prohibited persons, is flawed. Which means there are plenty of delays or possible denials that are no fault of the buyer.

Here’s an informative video from Military Arms Channel. You get some good info right from a licensed dealer.

This video from GunWebsites goes over the nuances of form 4473. That cover weird ethnicity categories, and some changes in the form, over the years.

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CA: “Peddle Pushing to Disaster” By Registering Ammo Buyers

Calgunslaws gives a good explanation, of California Senator Kevin De Leon’s disaster of an ammunition regulation plan, to attack the Second Amendment and chill the right to keep and bear arms. The last ammunition bill he authored, was ruled unconstitutionally vague, but that certainly hasn’t deterred him from writing another restrictive bill in SB 53. This time he wants to register all ammunition buyers, and mandate that citizen get permission to buy ammunition, via a licensing and reporting scheme.

By applying and imposing the same type of schemes, regulations, and public inconveniences that they have in the past, De León and other politicians seek to repeat past failures – pushing California’s citizens into defenselessness, and our state’s homicide rates higher in the process. De León’s SB 53 is a ruse and another step in the same wrong direction.

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GOP Bill Blocks Funding For Anti-Gun Harassment In Schools

Here’s some long awaited push back against harassment of kids in school because of imaginary guns. Rep. Steve Stockman has introduced the Student Protection Act. The bill attempts to prevent policies that “punish innocent children” by cutting funds to schools that abuse “zero tolerance” weapons policies. If school teachers and administrators, weren’t so over the top biased and illogical, this wouldn’t be necessary.

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