Kleck: Magazine Size Limits Are Irrelevant In Mass Shootings

Criminologist Gary Kleck, has asked the question of whether magazine capacity, has anything to do with the casualty count in mass shootings. The answer is no. He examined 88 cases, in the last 20 years, and restricting magazine capacity would not have mattered. Then again, it’s obvious that the victim disarmament crowd, uses any excuse to pass restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. High profile gun crimes are their favorite reason.

Common sense dictates, that the Second Amendment, is in the Bill of Rights for a reason. That firearms are more useful, than they are dangerous, because they don’t have a mind of their own. The political class like California’s Lt. Gov Gavin Newson, don’t really hate firearms, just the firearms that are in the hands of the people.

From Bearing Arms:

His latest study looks like it will crush the gun control conceit that magazine size limits have anything at all to do with casualty counts.

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Gavin Newsom Spends Tax Payer Millions On Armed Security

The same man that believes being armed to save the day amounts to “mythology,” is sure glad that he has tax payer funded armed security, while he tells you that you shouldn’t have 10+ round magazines in your firearms. That’s millions of dollars worth of armed security, while he tries to force disarmament, onto the public.

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is a major hypocrite in traditional hard leftist fashion. Someone who really has no credibility on the matter of the Second Amendment.

From Breitbart:

So, depending on how you look at it, Newsom’s protective detail cost at least seven figures–money few average citizens would have for personal self-defense.

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Understanding The L.A. “Large‐Capacity” Magazine Ban

The California Rifle and Pistol Association along with the National Rifle Association, have come up with a guide, on protecting your rights in California and staying out of jail. The impetus of course, being the City of Los Angeles’ unconstitutional ban, on 10+ magazines that is currently being litigated.

See the pdf here from crpa.org.

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Gavin Newsom: NRA “changed for the worse in the past 20 yrs”

From the man that would violate the Second Amendment, removing your right to self defense, in a heart beat. Weakening the citizen’s defense and trying to convince you that it’s somehow good for you. California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom makes the claim, that an organization he apparently knows nothing about, is “serving lobbyists.” Which tells you he’s not even aware it’s a dues paying organization with membership. The very reason for the National Rifle Association’s success.

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Glen Sturtevant Wins 10th Senate Race

Glen Sturtevant has won the 10th District Senate race in Virginia. Thus, upsetting Michael Bloomberg’s plan, for gun control in the state of Virginia. That’s $700,000 of Michael Bloomberg’s money up in flames. This is great news but the fight goes on.

From The Washington Post: “McAuliffe’s hopes for state Senate majority dealt a blow

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Video: The “Truth About Gun Control”

An interesting post at calguns.net. Stefan Molyneux’s “The Truth About Gun Control” video, addresses the dishonesty that prevails, among biased Second Amendment critics. Where 62% of gun deaths are suicides, that likely wouldn’t be prevented, by all the gun prohibition pixie dust in the world. You can bet this is a very controversial video to many because it deals with guns and race.

You can look up the sources for the stats used in the video here.

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California’s Gavin Newsom Files Massive Gun Control Grab

In California, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has finally filed, his massive gun control ballot initiative. It requires the confiscation of normal capacity magazines(more than 10 rounds), prohibits mail order ammunition, criminalizes those who don’t report stolen guns fast enough when they’re the victims of crime, and would require licensing for anyone to touch ammunition. That sums it up but of course there’s more details.

Here’s an example from the copy of the filing in a pdf at the Firearms Policy Coalition:

(b) This section shall not preclude prosecution under any other law.
Section 26835 ofthe Penal Code is amended to read:
26835. A licensee shall post conspicuously within the licensed premises the following warnings in
block letters not less than one inch in height:


The Supreme Court ruled against a similar law, in the Heller decision, that had forced residents to lock up their firearms, in the District of Columbia. Yet here we are, watching the gun prohibitionists, pushing for what looks to be a very similar mandate. With the insult that the onus of crime should fall on the victim of theft.

So if a young gang member burglarizes your residence, takes your legal firearm and uses it in a crime, you, the victim may be guilty of a felony. Yes, this is exactly what the statist progressives are attempting to make law, within the state of California. They create terrible policies, criminalizing gun ownership, where citizens are discouraged from exercising the right to keep and bear arms. Pass terrible misnamed ballot initiatives, like Proposition 47 “The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” that is resulting in a crime wave because it releases criminals. So now what do disconnected gun prohibitionists want in California? They want to blame gun owners, for the crimes committed, by the criminals that they’ve unleashed on the public!

Get a load of this: Gavin Newsom’s unconstitutional gun grab initiative is actually named “The Safety for All Act of 2016.” Another bad initiative that does the exact opposite of what it purports. Because questionable people, like Gavin Newsom, understand that they must lie to the public in order to successfully attack and nullify the right to keep and bear arms.

Do you think you have to fill out too much paperwork in California, when asking permission, to buy a firearm? If Gavin Newsom has his way, as a resident, you’ll have to do the same to buy ammunition. No more mail order ammunition either. An environment in the state that’s a living hell for Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights.

What does this accomplish? It obviously endangers residents, and on just that one point, it should be rejected. What else does it accomplish? Do you think those who value the tenets of American freedom, want to live in a state where extremists like Gavin Newson, get away with the unthinkable?

The eventual result of the passage of such a brazen unconstitutional ballot initiative, is the further erosion of freedoms, that will contribute to the flight of the productive citizens for other states. Exactly what helps keep budding tyrants like Gavin Newsom in control. There’s no doubt that’s part of the plan.

Californian’s need to be super vocal about this initiative. Help by contributing your time and effort advocating for the Second Amendment. By supporting the National Rifle Association, and affiliates in the state, like the California Rifle Pistol Association.

Please visit the Firearms Policy Coalition for more information:

SACRAMENTO – In response to the official filing earlier today of California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mis-named “The Safety for All Act of 2016,” civil rights advocates at Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and the Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee (FPCSADC) political action committee have begun shipping out over 25,000 grassroots activism guides to volunteers and activism hubs throughout the state.

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Sheriffs & CRPA Sue L.A. Over “Large-Capacity” Magazine Ban

There are 30 Sheriffs in California, and two law enforcement organizations along with the California Rifle & Pistol Association, that have filed suit against the city of Los Angeles. For its overbearing “large capacity” magazine ban. Where the mere possession of normal capacity magazines gets you charged.

The city covers such a large geographic area, that owners of such constitutionally protected items, are forced to drive through the city in order to get to most parts of southern California south of Los Angeles. Thus subjecting them to criminal liability. There are also numerous cities, land locked on all sides, by the city of Los Angeles. Where it’s impossible for residents there not to travel through Los Angeles city proper.

It’s the kind of news that makes your day.

From the CRPA:

Now, 30 duly elected California Sheriffs, two law enforcement organizations, the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), and several other individuals have filed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate the ordinance. The lawsuit challenges the magazine possession ban on legal “preemption” grounds, because California state law specifically allows for the possession of such magazines.

Los Angeles City's land locked gun owner trap

Los Angeles City’s land locked gun owner trap

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Bloomberg To Dump $700,000 Into Virginia Senate Race

It looks like Michael Bloomberg has possibly revealed his strategy, to attack the National Rifle Association, by directly taking control of the state of Virginia. Through a proxy of Democrat legislators. Bloomberg is putting $700,000 against the election of Republican Glen Sturtevant. This is a big deal. You may want to send a donation in support of Sturtevant to help. Also the NRA Political Victory Fund.

From the PAgunblog.com:

This is huge money for a state senate race, or as Donald Trump would say, “Yuge!” It would be a handsome sum for a candidate for Governor, or for a U.S. Senate seat. It is absolutely unprecedented to dump 700 grand into one State Senate race like this. But $700,000 is pocket change for Bloomberg.
The race is expected to be one to watch, and it will be a key race for determining whether the the GOP manages to retain control of the upper house in Virginia. The GOP is in a tough position, because out of six Senators retiring, four are Republicans.

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Lying Snakes And The Right To Bear Arms

Here’s a reminder of how the political class can’t shut up about the right to keep and bear arms.

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