Donald Trump Gets The 270 Votes In The Electoral College

Today Donald Trump passed the 270 electoral votes needed to become the 45th president of the United States. Which is great news. His first order of the day as president, should be to make it clear that he supports the Second Amendment, by nullifying past anti-gun policies.

Donald Trump surpasses 270 votes in Electoral College to formally win presidency

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Gun Control Advocates Threaten And Harass Dana Loesch

Gun control advocates that supposedly want safety have a funny way of showing it. Some of these safety advocates, have taken it upon themselves, to threaten and harass conservative talk radio and television host Dana Loesch. According to her, she’s currently involved in stalking case, where warrants are being issued.

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Valerie Jarrett Tells A Whopper About Family And Guns

In an organized gathering by gun grabbers that are blaming our Second Amendment for the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett stated that her grandfather would have lived, if not for measures he took to defend his life from violent criminals when he used a gun. Because the criminals took it away and used it on him.

This is very stupid logic. Notice how these gun grabbers never mention, the millions of defensive uses with guns every year, that save people. As if people would own guns if they believed guns were not a safety benefit. All we get is the contorted logic, from rich political hacks with the ultimate armed protection, attempting to convince the American public that we should submit and get used to being victims.

Valerie Jarrett: My Grandfather May Not Have Died If He Didn’t Have a Gun for Self-Defense

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Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Upholds 10-day Waiting Period

Some of the latest news for Californians is not good. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, has finally issued a decision, in Silvester v. Harris. Over the mandatory 10-day waiting period, for buying guns in California, that applies to those who already own guns.

You won’t be happy to know, that the court panel upheld the restriction, after concluding that “intermediate scrutiny is appropriate” and that the regulation somehow falls “outside the scope of the Second Amendment.” Yes, really. Can you say appeal?

Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals Upholds 10-day Waiting Period For Current Firearm Owners Despite Challenge From Calguns Foundation

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LA Times Publishing Anti-Gun Fakery

The Los Angeles Times has published an Op-Ed, claiming that half of the firearms in the United States, are owned by 3% percent of the adult population. To show that it’s bad news for gun rights. Where there’s no wonder why old style media is dying. Because the claims are outright absurd, and not meant to inform, but to create a narrative in line with being out of touch.

Here’s a quote from Firmin DeBrabander:

The NRA has traditionally succeeded in overcoming the popular will because it knows how to pressure (or threaten) lawmakers into its corner. Even after Sandy Hook, for instance, the NRA rallied enough members of Congress to block background checks. And the gun lobby obviously did well in this last election — though it spent a record amount — getting the president it wanted, as well as several new lawmakers to manipulate.

NRA opponents, however, have discovered a powerful line of attack that promises to make the legislative landscape better reflect the state of gun ownership and gun rights support. Instead of appealing to lawmakers, who are corrupted and corruptible, they’re going directly to the people.

Gun safety advocates sponsored ballot initiatives in four states, and won three, barely losing the fourth. Nevada passed universal background checks, California banned possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines and Washington state allowed judges to “issue orders enabling authorities to temporarily seize guns from people who are deemed a threat to themselves or others.” Maine voters narrowly declined to approve universal background checks.

The above quote is filled with contortions, where the writer means that our Second Amendment is not a beneficial constitutional right like all the rest, and being defenseless and left at the mercy of criminal Democrat constituents is preferred. That it’s somehow the “popular will” to have constitutional rights obliterated. When the National Rifle Association is comprised of American people who have support outside of paying membership.

We’ve come to expect lies, but there’s an important point, and that is the top down astroturf. Michael Bloomberg and wealthy donors. A “powerful line of attack,” for sure, but not an honest description of events. Michael Bloomberg and wealthy Democrat donors, are spending massively and disproportionate, to get their results. Where the public is not asking for restrictive gun control that’s coming from the top down.

According to John R. Lott, “If it wasn’t for Michael Bloomberg’s billions, there wouldn’t be much of a gun-control movement.” And he is exactly right.

Bloomberg’s initiative only eked out the win in Nevada because of the $20 million spent to support it, amounting to an incredible $35.30 per vote. He outspent his opponents by a factor of three – in Maine, by a factor of six. Bloomberg was responsible for more than 90 percent of the money going to support these ballot measures.

This doesn’t include the rest of the tens of millions, that Michael Bloomberg spends every year funding fake studies, and bankrolling anti-gun political candidates. He gives $50 million a year to fund Everytown for Gun Safety alone. He can do this because his net worth is $43 billion.

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They Couldn’t Wait To Call For Gun Control After OSU Attack

The attack at OSU by a Somali national, also a student of the university, was reported as an “active shooter situation” on Monday. Gun control leftists couldn’t contain themselves, from calling for gun control, before they actually knew what was going on. Now we’re going to see the media and gun control advocates shut up about it too, because the knife attacker is a muslim who according to NBC News, cited radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

Number one usual suspect, calling for more gun control, is California’s Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. He’s likely never seen a gun control law he didn’t want passed.

PJ Media: “Five Libs Who Pushed Gun-Control Narrative on Twitter After Ohio State Stabbing Attack”

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Islamic Slasher Targets Ohio Gun Free Zone University

People are easily victimized in the places where they can never be armed. Once again, what appears to be the usual MO of Islamic terrorism, strikes Ohio State University. The culprit was a Somali national, who attacked people, with both a car and a knife. You can bet the media will soon forget, because blaming constituents, and knives, doesn’t work so well for them. Since they can’t blame traditional Americans and the Second Amendment.

Fox: “Somali student behind car, knife attack at Ohio State University that injured 11”

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Donald Trump Wins The Presidency

Well, the man has done it. Donald Trump has won the presidency of the United States. When many said it couldn’t be done. This is great news for the Second Amendment. Trump is likely to appoint pro-gun judges to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Donald Trump wins the presidential race!

Donald Trump wins the presidential race!

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DNC Colluding With Bloomberg’s “Everytown” In Leaked Email

You have probably heard of Wikileaks. An organization that has been leaking emails, of some very important people recently, namely those working with Hillary Clinton. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, comes to mind. All you need to do is search for the name on Twitter.

Today we know that the Democrat National Committee plans with Michael Bloomberg, created anti-gun organizations like Everytown, and also the Brady Campaign. In one of these leaked emails, Eric Walker, DNC deputy communications director, tells operatives what to do in regard to Donald Trump.

Evertyown and the Brady Campaign are brought up, along with Robert Creamer, the crook responsible for voter fraud. The man that has met with President Obama in the White House 42 times. He was previously exposed by James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, that led to his suppossed firing.

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“LA Times Poll: Prop 63 losing support” Vote No

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63 must be stopped. The ballot initiative, that if passed, will lead to the prosecution of people, that only exercise their normal everyday rights under the Constitution.

There are criminal penalties for not reporting your stolen gun soon enough. Victimizing you twice. ALL magazines that hold more than ten rounds would be illegal to possess. Yes, possess, and even for some CA peace officers and retired police officers. Police from out of state would have to surrender their magazines when crossing the border into California. With no compensation.

The initiative also means, that every piece of ammunition, is practically treated as if it’s a firearm. With the mandate of a paper trail, which amounts to full registration, as your personal information is required to be transmitted to a California government registry of ammunition purchasing activity. No importing from when you visit out of state, mail order, or internet shipping allowed.

The sky is the limit, to what victim disarmers, could try and implement next. The elimination of private party gun sales in California, is already being used, to implement the fraudulent “not unsafe” handgun list. A sales and transfer choke point, that the gun controllers use to their advantage, in preventing the exercise of the Second Amendment by eliminating handguns for sale. A list that government is suspiciously exempted from. Because we know guns are magically safe when in the possession of governments. Right?

Now imagine a “not unsafe” list, of ammunition, that limited ammunition purchases for Californians. Since you could no longer officially lend, gift, trade or otherwise physically transfer any ammunition, except through state approved dealers. This is a reality.

All of these prohibitive and onerous requirements without any affect on actual criminals. In fact, Proposition 63 turns regular gun owners, into new criminals!

Please share this FPC pdf with facts, on why Proposition 63, needs to be stopped in its tracks.

Also see the latest below, from the Firearms Policy Coalition, on how polling shows that Proposition 63 is losing support. But citizens still need to get the word out to vote no!

BREAKING: Support of Anti-Gun California Proposition 63 Continues to Decline

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