Judge Denies Internet Transfer Injunction

The lawsuit filed against the handover of our internet to corrupt international nations, has been dealt a blow, because the judge in the case denied an injunction to stop it. Now freedom on the internet will likely never be the same. While leftists are telling us that, “if like your internet freedom, you can keep your internet freedom,” and we know what that means. Other nation states are not bound by the U.S. First Amendment.

US cuts cord on internet oversight

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FPC at GRPC : The Fight for 2A Rights is Coming to Your State

Here’s FPC’s Craig DeLuz at the 2016 Gun Right’s Policy Conference in Tampa, Florida. With some very important comments on our Second Amendment. A good reminder, that the battle that is being fought in California, is being moved to other states. Michael Bloomberg doesn’t like Americans, exercising their Second Amendment, and he’ll spend his billions to stop you. Why it’s important that we as citizens get involved and fight back to retain our civil rights.

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State AGs Sue To Stop Internet Giveaway

Four state attorney generals from Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada and Texas, have filed suit against the transition of the internet, to foreign entities who will likely suppress free speech. Since this wasn’t stopped by the legislature maybe a lawsuit will do it. The internet as we know it may never be the same if not. Truth be told, this should have been addressed long ago, not at the last minute.

4 States Sue To Block Obama’s Internet Transition Set For Tomorrow Night

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Hate Crimes Surge In Gun Control Utopia, L.A. County

There’s something not right, in the leftist controlled Utopia, of southern California. Hate crimes and other violent crime in Los Angeles County have risen, contrary to leftist saviors, with their proclamations. That their style of governance, and with it disarmament, is great for society. Notice the push against legal gun ownership in the last year, due to murdering Islamic jihad terrorists in San Bernadino, that leftist politicians want to ignore and instead blame your Second Amendment for.

Do you think the gun prohibitionists, like Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, are paying attention? If the past is any indication probably not. And we’re to believe, that this man is something other, than a dangerous career opportunist at the tax payers’ expense?

“Hate crimes against blacks, Latinos, transgender women surge in LA County”

In the above linked article, The Los Angeles Police Department reported, an increase in shootings and assaults by 20 percent last year. 20 percent! Likely thanks to Prop 47 and the release of thousands of people from prison. It’s nice to know, that the mayor of Los Angeles, is busy passing laws that target law abiding gun owners. Where the joke is on traditional Americans exercising their normal constitutional rights.

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Olympian rallies against California’s anti-gun ballot measure

Olympic champion Kim Rhodes, encourages citizens to say no, to Gavin Newsom’s rights infringing Prop 63. It does the opposite of what gun prohibitionists says it will do. It will endanger human lives and make it difficult for people to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. It will certainly be detrimental to champions like Kim Rhodes.

Olympian rallies against California’s anti-gun ballot measure (VIDEO)

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FCC Commissioner Says Be Worried About Internet Giveaway

Every news outlet should be talking about this but they’re not. The timing is bad, because elections are stealing all the limelight, to what is a very big deal. The Obama administration is outright giving away oversight of the internet, to international bodies, that don’t share the American value of free speech. This all happens on October 1. According to FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai, the move is irreversible. The United States under Obama is throwing away your ability to communicate freely on the internet.

Authoritarian nations, that influence ICANN, and the UN, are going to censor what people see on the internet. You can bet on it. Them using the taxation of domains as a revenue stream is not far fetched. Not to mention the implications for commerce and national security. ICANN has already accredited people that work with Iran and North Korea. The move to giveaway the internet, for no good reason, is a disaster.

Pai said, “This proposal is to essentially give up the US oversight role that it’s had for the last 20 years, basically for the entire commercial lifespan of the Internet to a company called ICANN, which is an international organization, which includes a number of foreign countries. And, it’s an unprecedented move, and one that, as Mr. DeMint pointed out, is irreversible. Once we give up this oversight role, we can’t get it back.”

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Major City Murders Rising by One-Third From 2014 to 2016

Murder in major urban liberal cities is up. You can’t be surprised today, being that half of the statistics for the increase, are because of the gun control Utopia of Chicago. The result of marginalizing citizens is unmistakeable.


“Nationally, the murder rate is projected to increase 31.5 percent from 2014 to 2016 — with half of additional murders attributable to Baltimore, Chicago, and Houston,” the group said in its summary of its new report, “Crime in 2016: A Preliminary Analysis.”

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Judge Told Mall Shooter He Was Not To Posses Firearms

The murder suspect in the Cascade Mall shooting, who turned out not to be hispanic like first reported, but a Turkish Muslim immigrant instead. Has had previous run ins with the law. His criminal record includes three domestic-violence assault charges. On Dec. 29, The Seattle Times reports that an Island County District Court judge, told him he was not to possess firearms. Likewise, the criminal class that victimize people for personal gain, don’t obey gun control laws.

If we’re to believe the myth that gun control, is the magical panacea to society’s ills, five people inside Macy’s department store that fateful night would still be alive. This is a reality that shatters the gun control argument. As laws that restrict the law abiding, do not and will not, stop bad actors. Such laws turn out to be dangerous, because the end result is, that they protect and embolden violent criminals.

The Seattle Times: “Suspect in mall shooting was socially awkward and troubled in high school, friends say”

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‘Good Chance’ Mall Shooting Is Islamic Terrorism

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, just told Fox News that “there’s a good chance” that the Cascade Mall shooting “could be” Islamic terrorism. The shooters ex-girlfriend works there, but the details are short, and if it was personal why were others targeted?

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Mall Shooter Captured, Suspect Turkish Muslim

The suspect in the murder of five people, inside the Cascade mall, was captured today. The description originally given was that of a hispanic male, yet it turns out, that he’s a Turkish Muslim. Was his intent jihad?

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