Dallas Police Murder Suspect Didn’t Use An “Assault Weapon”

It has been revealed in this CBS article, that the recent murderer of Dallas police, did not use an AR-15 or so called “assault weapon.” In fact, the rifle he used is legal in states like California, that have strict gun laws, prohibiting the use of magazine fed rifles. The shooter had an SKS in his possession, which is usually limited to ten rounds, via loading it from the top down similar to an M1 Garand. The SKS is a 70 year old relic.

This news, ought to destroy the “assault weapon” AR-15 narrative, of the gun control left. Though I’m certain they’ll think of something to call for more Second Amendment infringements.

CBS:”Dallas Suspect Said He Wanted To Kill Whites

Update on the shooter’s firearm 7-11-16: In photos released at Breitbart, there appears to be a Siaga type rifle, in pictures from the scene of the shooters death. Which is a version of the Kalashnikov rifle. So much for CBS.

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Gun Background Checks For June Set A Record

There were 600,000+ more background checks for firearms than at this point last year. Why would Americans be buying guns at such an increased rate? Well, it’s no surprise that November elections, are right around the corner. Where Hillary and the anti-gun gang have it out for the Second Amendment. Just like in previous elections where people are flocking to buy.

Bob Owens at Bearingarms.com points out, that because FBI Director James Comey isn’t recommending charges against Hillary Clinton, for her gross negligence in exposing classified documents. That this will also has an impact meaning increased sales.

Keep in mind, that the number of background checks, doesn’t tell the whole story. More than one firearm, can be bought at the same time, and there are also private party sales.

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“The Ten Favorite Lies of the Gun Control Lobby”

Here’s an excellent article from Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership. A breath of fresh air, considering the usual gun control organizations, that front for gun control disguised as safety. A common sense response, by Dr. Michael S. Brown, that exposes the myths that are always given as an excuse for more gun prohibitions.

From DRGO:

The principles behind the gun control movement can’t survive even the most basic scrutiny, so the Controllers must constantly fall back on that oldest debating strategy: lies.

The lies they favor vary from year to year, sometimes old lies are recycled, sometimes new ones are created and tested to see how well they survive in the wild.

Read the busted myths.

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Michael Bloomberg is spreading his anti-gun millions, by funding a ballot initiative in Nevada, to castrate the Second Amendment. By mandating California style background checks, and the elimination of the so called “gun show loophole” that does not really exist. It would end all private party sales. The effort is a ploy designed to bring about registration, the only reason being eventual confiscation of firearms. and disarmament.

From Guns.com:

The National Rifle Association has launched a dedicated website and enlisted the help of a big name in Nevada politics to help counter a Bloomberg-backed voter referendum on expanded background checks.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group, through their local proxy Nevadans for Background Checks– to which they have pumped more than $3 million — is driving a voter referendum to mandate background checks on all gun transfers that will be Question 1 at the polls this November.

The “universal background checks” are unenforceable without registration! It criminalizes private transfer of firearms. It will have no impact on criminals and it only targets the law abiding! Please donate.

Visit the National Rifle Association’s Vote No On Question 1 page.

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Mark “Oz” Geist: Stop Clinton, Vote Trump

Here’s why anti-gun Hillary Clinton, shouldn’t even be in the running, for president of the United States.

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Fast And Furious Guns Used In Paris Attack?

The thegatewaypundit.com is citing Judicial Watch, as a source, that the a firearm used in the Islamic jihad Paris attack, could have been a gun walked in the BATF Fast and Furious operation. The gun was traced to Pheonix, Arizona, but the BATF is not providing information, leading to the idea that it could be a walked gun.

One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks was from Phoenix where Obama allowed criminals and cartel members to buy thousands of guns in his Fast and Furious gun-walking program.

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Help Fight Gavin Newsom’s Anti-Gun Ammunition Ban

Gavin Newsom has raised over one million dollars, for his confiscatory “safety for all,” ballot initiative. You can help the Firearms Policy Coalition fight it here. If you weren’t aware, the ballot initiative also authorize the confiscation, of legal magazines that hold more than ten rounds. This amounts to illegal taking of private property.

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The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 145: Guns Post Isamic Jihad

This is a good take from Andrew Klavan, on the latest from the gun control crowd, and it’s great. A must see. I wasn’t prepared, and it took great effort, not to spit the coffee I was drinking out of my mouth.

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Official CA Gun Ban Video You Should Comment On

The state of California, uses Youtube as a way to push their disarmament scheme, that violate our Constitution. They like disabling comments, because it’s likely that they believe, the American people should take it lying down.

See Assemblyman Marc Levine attack the Second Amendment. He’s fraudulently claiming that the bullet buttons is a somehow a threat. All while being silent about the state’s policies that coddle and embolden criminals. When the Second Amendment is a natural right.

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California Legislators Blame Gun Advocates Because Terrorists

In what appears to be a meltdown by leftists politicians, in Sacramento, both Assemblyman Low and Senator Isadore Hall, crudely blamed Second Amendment advocates for the Islamic jihadi attack that killed 49 people in Orlando, Florida.

In a sickening display of low class, these people, had no shame. They didn’t want to bring up the obvious. That there’s an Islamic extremism problem festering in the United States. They advocate for the very policies that put the American public at grave risk.

Please watch:

Tell them you don’t appreciate the biased and illogical theatrics.

Call Senator Hall:

Capitol Office
State Capitol, Room 4085
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4035
Fax: (916) 651-4935
San Pedro District Office
222 West 6th Street, Suite 320
San Pedro, CA 90731
Phone: (310) 514-8573
Fax: (310) 514-857

Call Assemblyman Low:

Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849
Room 2175
Sacramento, CA 94249-0028
Tel: (916) 319-2028
Fax: (916) 319-2128
District Office:
20111 Stevens Creek Blvd
Suite 220
Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel: (408) 446-2810
Fax: (408) 446-2815

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