Lawmakers ‘Furious’ Over CA DOJ Behind On Confiscations

California lawmakers are furious that the California DOJ, is behind on confiscating all of those guns, in the hands of people who are prohibited from legally possessing them. So reads the headline at CBS Sacramento. I wonder if they were furious, for the rest of past history where they didn’t seem bother, to budget for such concerns.

Give them a reason because of a school shooting like Sandy Hook, and they’re falling all over themselves, to prove they’re doing something about heinous crimes. Even things that wouldn’t have prevented Sandy Hook. As in basically misappropriating money from the Dealer Record of Sale(DROS) funds. In the form of 24 million dollars, that’s supposed to be used, so citizens can exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

You might also be wondering why there’s such a surplus of millions of dollars in the first place. You won’t be surprised to know, that the state shouldn’t be running a surplus, in DROS fees. Because such fees are supposed to be statutorily limited. Except for the fact that the inmates run the asylum and they happen to hate guns. Next they’ll be making excuses to raise the fees.

From CBS Sacremento:

“We addressed 17 percent of the problem with 40 percent of the money,” said state Sen. Joel Anderson.
State Sen. Loni Hancock nailed down one of the problems—it seems the DOJ has high turnover with 38 of 48 agents with the bureau of firearms leaving since 2013.

It appears that the wonderful state can’t even keep agents around.

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Moms Demand Launches Shameless Anti-Gun Campaign

In the wake of terrorists attempting to mass murder Texas residents, in Garland, Texas, it’s unfortunately not a surprise what we get from a Bloomberg anti-gun organization. A Moms Demand Action, anti-gun celeb, is calling on American citizens to lock their guns up.

When terrorists are attempting to kill Americans, in the very United States, it’s definitely not time to lock your guns up. It’s time to shoot back, just like the off duty police officer, in Garland.

From Breitbart:

Moms Demand Action launched the new gun control push with a PSA in which actress Melissa Joan Hart encourages moms to call other moms about locking up their guns. She stresses calling friends and neighbors too, as well “grandma and grandpa.”

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‘Smart Gun’ Armatix CEO Ousted From Company

Ernst Mauch, the former CEO of Armatix who lobbied in the US for the iP1 “smart gun,” has been removed from the company. Not just moved, but banned from the premises, with prejudice it seems. A letter threatens to have him arrested for criminal trespassing should he attempt to enter Armatix property.

From the Gun Rights Examiner:

Triebel claimed. “Here is a copy of this ban signed by CEO [Maximilian] Hefner. A former Armatix manager verified the signature with some colleagues. Mauch is no longer mentioned on the Armatix website.”

David Codrea included a translation of the letter at the link.

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Details Of The Garland Police Officer Facing Off Terrorists

Here’s some good pictures from the scene, and commentary on what looks, to have taken place when the Garland police officer engaged terrorists wanting to murder citizens over free speech. It should be noted, that it appears that he went on the offensive, and moved toward the two attackers and his reaction was very effective.

Bob Owens at Bearing Arms, has put up some high resolution photos, that give us insight into what took place the day of the attack. There are evidence markers for brass on the ground, that trace the officer’s movement, as he engaged the threat targets.

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Now Media Seeks To Criminalize Free Speech Critical Of Islam

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his like minded friends in the media, are not happy that the Constitution applies to the religion of murdering Islamic Jihadists as in Garland, Texas, when it comes to freedom of speech. They want the political elites to decide what you can and can’t say.

All while never mentioning, the death and destruction heaped upon innocent Christians and others, in the middle east and elsewhere. While doing everything to pretend the glaring hypocrisy that comes from the left doesn’t exist. But when you use your freedom of speech, to slam those who should be highly criticized for threatening murder over everyday constitutional rights in the U.S., they’re suddenly talking about the unthinkable. Labeling free speech as hate speech and asking for it to be outlawed.

It’s the same pattern directed toward the Second Amendment and self defense. When rugged individualism, trumps relying on ‘benevolent’ political masters, who promise the world but can never deliver. It’s why the leftist political machine is good at creating high crime thugocracies. Where criminals love gun control because it puts their victims at a deadly disadvantage.

From Breitbart:

The Los Angeles Times said that the “Texas attack refocuses attention on fine line between free speech and hate speech” – a line that does not exist, Constitutionally or morally. Radio host Richard Fowler stated that drawing a picture of Mohammed was “just like going into a crowded theater and yelling out fire, or going into a black church and yelling out the n-word,” drawing an entirely proper rebuke from Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

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SAF Sues Over Feds Censorship Of 3-D Firearms Printing

The Second Amendment Foundation has joined Defense Distributed, in suing the Secretary of State John Kerry, and others at the Department of State. The suit seeks to stop the unconstitutional censorship of information about 3-D printing of firearms.

From Firearms Policy Coalition:

The Government’s restraint against the publication of this critical information, under the guise of controlling arms exports, violates the First Amendment right to free speech, the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and the Fifth Amendment right to due process, the lawsuit alleges.

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L.A. Launches More Gun Buyback Dog & Pony Show

Over this next weekend the city of Los Angeles, will be having more gun buybacks, for “illegal and unwanted guns.” The city handlers say it’s successful and necessary, yet there isn’t a peep about the failure of Proposition 47 in the CBS article, that has led to a major increase of violent crime and shootings in the city. It’s completely likely that gun buybacks, have no effect, being that there’s no actual deterrent to violence committed by criminals.

From CBS Los Angeles:

“I think it does work; gun violence has been reduced,” Chief Beck said. “This is not the only reason, but it’s one of the reasons. We have reduced numbers of people shot since 2009 to last year by 40 percent. So that’s a huge number.”

Don’t forget about the handiwork of California’s version of crime fighting in Proposition 47. The “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.” That actually increases crime because it keeps repeat offenders out of prison:

As quoted previously from PJ Media:

In 77th Street Division, shooting victims are up by 47 percent, in Newton it’s 153 percent, and in Southwest, which patrols the area near USC, the jump in shooting victims is a horrifying 171 percent.

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Why Millions Of Women Are Buying Guns

Would you believe the number of women going to the shooting range since 2001 has increased 60 percent? That’s according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. It’s very true. Women have discovered that firearms are the great equalizer where their safety is concerned. Having a gun means that, should a situation arise where a criminal endangers your life, you have recourse to save your life or the life of someone else.

From Fox:

“Firearms only rely on chemical reactivity to provide the power to fire the weapon so women can now be equivalent to men when it comes to confronting a violent situation and succeeding,” said Leola University psychology professor David Crough.

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Terrorists Target Texas Free Speech Event And Get Shot Dead

In Garland, Texas, two bad guys tried to shoot up a free speech event, where the keynote speaker was Geert Wilders. It didn’t work out so well for the would be terrorist as they were shot dead by prepared Texas police. Ladies and gentleman, this is the reason the the right to keep and bear arms, is a constitutional right.

From CNN:

“The first suspect was shot immediately,” Garland Mayor Douglas Athas told CNN. “The second suspect was wounded and reached for his backpack. He was shot again.”

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Concealed Carrier Saves Woman From Fugitive

In Utah, a “gentleman” fugitive is shot dead by a concealed carrier, when he attempted to get the armed citizen’s gun. Well, the police referred to the bad guy, as a gentleman which is really weird. Another win for the good guys.

From Bearing Arms:

The man who shot and killed the attempted carjacker will not face charges. Under Utah law citizens are justified in stopping criminals attempting a forcible felony.

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