SilencerCo Says Fight The Noise

In the ever expanding quest for real safety, SilencerCo is behind a campaign, to bring about change to antiquated federal laws to acquire a suppressor. A device that will save your hearing and obsolete separate hearing protection. It’s the same concept as a muffler on a car. Of course the gun prohibitionists, will cry foul, being that they hate guns and are not concerned with actual safety.

From The Blaze:

“The Suppressed are changing the perception of an industry and leading the revolution with a clear message: Guns don’t have to be loud,” SilencerCo’s Fight the Noise website stated.

SilencerCo CEO Josh Waldron told TheBlaze that the suppressor industry has grown by leaps and bounds within the last five years. With that greater interest in the market, it now has the foundation to start a movement in the hopes of changing what it considers an antiquated federal law.

“We’re asking the federal government to get their grubby hands off our industry,” Waldron said.

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IL Gun Owners Rally For Expanded Concealed Carry

Gun owners rallied at the Illinios capitol on Wednesday, and demanded an expanded right to keep and bears arms, by way of concealed carry. In places that those with carry permits, are forbidden to travel, such as public transportation. They’re supporting new legislation that would expand concealed carry.

From the Daily Herald:

State lawmakers on board with concealed carry expansion have introduced legislation that would allow concealed weapons on public transportation and in parking lots, rest stops and Cook County forest preserves.

Gun owners donned yellow shirts and marched from a Springfield convention center to the Capitol. They rallied on the Capitol’s front steps waving “Don’t tread on me” flags and signs reading “We’re not going away.”

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IL Court of Appeals Rules Against Anti-Gun Family Decision

An Illinois Court of Appeals has reversed a terrible decision that barred a father from keeping firearms and ammunition until his daughter turns 18 years old. Kurt R. has sole custody of his daughter but was ordered by a judge to reliqush his guns for no apparent reason other than bias. Thankfully the decision was reversed.

The Truth About Guns:

What’s astonishing about this is not just the fact that the trial court attempted to rescind Kurt’s civil rights, but the fact that it doesn’t appear to have been based on any of the evidence presented by Andrea.

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Be Vigilant In The Face Of BATF Backing Down

Even though the BATF, has shelved a plan to ban M855 green tip 5.56, doesn’t mean our rights are in the clear. The agency has indicated that they’re actually looking at a “broad range of common ammunition” to target. Which means the public needs to remain vigilant because it won’t stop with 5.56. Especially while Obama is in office.

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“Grand Theft Auto V” Actor Stars In Anti-Gun PSA

Here we are again, with another loudmouth actor helping to discourage, the right to keep and bear arms. Actor Ned Luke, is known for his narration in the shoot’em up video game, Grand Theft Auto V. Oh, the irony. Because groups like States United to Prevent Gun Violence, that created the anti-gun PSA, don’t have much credibility. The astroturf is pretty obvious these days.

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Retired MD Police Officer Becomes Gun Rights Advocate

Recently, a retired Maryland State Police Licensing Division commander, testified before the Maryland State Senate about concealed carry. Today he’s changed his tune, from being a proponent of the state’s “may issue” licensing scheme, to being a gun rights advocate. He speaks on behalf of concealed carry.

From Buzzpo:

Jack McCauley was always a strong advocate of Maryland remaining a “may issue” state. He was also the man who decided what a “good and substantial” reason to carry a firearm was.

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The Ammunition And Firearms Protection Act

Congressman Patrick McHenry, has introduced the H.R. 1365, which is the Ammunition and Firearms Protection Act. The bill would prevent the BATF, from classifying popular AR-15 ammunition in the M855, as armor piercing. It would apply to centerfire catridges that are made for rifles. It’s something to definitely support.

Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry:

“The proposed ban is but the latest step in President Obama’s assault on our Constitution and Bill of Rights,” McHenry said. “While I’m glad the ATF acknowledged the vast public and Congressional outcry against this plan,” McHenry continued, “they have still left open the possibility that it could be proposed again in the future and many Congressional Democrats have called for just that. The Ammunition and Firearms Protection Act would put an end to this attack on our Second Amendment by ensuring this popular ammunition used by countless law-abiding American sportsmen remains available and not subject to any future ATF bans.”

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M4 Sherman Tank Video

Here’s FPS Russia with their M4 Sherman tank video. With Team Defiance, a veterans group, that helps veterans.


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Gabby Giffords Pushing Connecticut Gun Control Bill

Former Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords, is going to Connecticut, to help promote a gun bill that would require those subject to a temporary restraining order, surrender their firearms and ammunition within 24 hours. As in give up guns without due process. Current law requires a hearing.

Why is Gabby Giffords going all the way to Connecticut? She’s not likely to find, much success, for her anti-gun endeavors in Arizona.

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Mossberg’s MVP Patrol .308

Thanks to Guns America, we get a thorough look at Mossberg’s, bolt action patrol rifle in .308. It looks similar to the Ruger Gunsite Squad Rifle, with a rear rail, instead of up front. A cheaper alternative to the Ruger at $748 retail.

The MVP Patrol is a 7 ½ pound rifle (not including optic) that, as the name implies, is short, light and handy enough to tote around in a car or pack. The 16 ¼ inch barrel is capped by a standard birdcage flash hider, which means that threading for suppressor attachment is…

See the review at Guns America.

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