LAPD Downplaying Violent Crime Statistics

In this story the Los Angeles Times, brings to light something that should make residents, very unhappy with their police handlers. The Los Angeles Police Department misclassified 1,200 violent crimes as minor offenses. Which is something to think about when mayors say “Our crime rates are at levels not seen since the 1950s.”

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Victory in Palmer v. D.C., Ban On Carry Unconstitutional

This opinion was handed down today, Saturday, and what good news it is.

In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny. Therefore, the Court finds that the District of Columbia’s complete ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional.

View the pdf here and

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Former Anti-Gun Mayor Of New Orleans Gets 10 Years

The former mayor of New Orleans, C. Ray Nagin, was just sentenced to 10 years for corruption. A very fitting thing for someone, who during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, was responsible for the illegal effort to confiscate citizens’ firearms. Many citizens being held at gun point.

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NJ: On Chris Christie Vetoing The Magazine Ban

As you may have heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, vetoed a bill that would have banned ammunition magazines, that hold 10 or more rounds. Regardless of what you think of him politically, he deserves credit, for doing the right thing. Contrary to what the governors of Connecticut and Colorado did, Christie had the courage to stand up, and call the legislation what it really is.

In his statement the governor said that “This is the very embodiment of reform in name only,” when explaining his decision to veto. What Americans have been waiting to hear, from the mouths of their political leaders, yet such comments are seldom heard. Gun owners in less fortunate states, only wish they had leaders that would be of like mind, while standing up to the usual anti-gun cabal. The nation was watching at what turned out to be a positive, outspoken example in a governor, however unlikely it may seem.

He did it for political sake? If so, we should always hope, to be so lucky.

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Ex MAIG Exec Says Gun Control Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

So here we have it. From the mouth of Mark Glaze, the former executive director of Michael Bloomberg’s, “Everytown For Gun Safety.” Now that he has stepped down from the organization, he readily admits that none of the MAIG anti-gun proposals, would stop crazies. It’s just that Michael Bloomberg and friends, never let a crisis go to waste, following high profile gun crimes.

So if the Bloomberg proposed, anti-gun measures won’t stop such crimes, why all the fuss? It’s very simple. Second Amendment advocates have been repeating it for a long while. Such political class elitists are concerned with pushing their political agenda no matter the cost. It has nothing to do with safety.

The most attention on gun control comes after mass shootings – just look at the post-Newtown push and the brief attention paid to the issue after the Memorial Day weekend shootings in Isla Vista, Calif. Yet virtually none of the solutions gun-control groups are pushing would have prevented any of the massacres that capture public attention.

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SB 53: California Legislators Have No Shame

In light of recent high profile crimes, committed by a societal darling of the gun ban left, the calls for Second Amendment violations are so predictable. It’s even now predictable, that California state senators like Kevin de León are pushing, unconstitutional ammunition and gun owner registration mandates such as Senate Bill 53. No matter that his last ammunition registration scheme, AB 962, was struck down as unconstitutionally vague, by a California court. SB 53 is also co-authored by none other than indicted Senator Leland Yee. The man who was arrested by the FBI, and who is currently on trial for, corruption, as well as conspiracy to import and traffic in illegal firearms. No small deal. As well as it is, a revelation of total hypocrisy, among those who tout “firearm safety.”

While condemning our Second Amendment, it seems that such political creatures, whether they be breaking laws or writing bad ones, believe they are above being held to account. You may be asking yourself, how Kevin de León, can really believe pushing such overbearing unconstitutional mandates is a good idea. Over at, the word shame is defined as “the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another: She was overcome with shame.” So it appears that the “ends justify the means” philosophy, when it comes to the political ideology and personal gain of such leftists, is more important to them than a modicum of scruples.

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Obama Admin Targeting Legal Firearm Businesses

From the administration that brought you Fast and Furious, gun running into Mexico, in order to blame our Second Amendment. We now have an administration bent on, putting legal firearm businesses, out of business. Through “Operation Choke Point” that seeks to target said businesses access to the banking system.

Said to have been implemented to protect consumers, from fraudulent businesses, Holder and friends are using the program to target those they don’t like. Which includes those vital to the Second Amendment. They can’t seem to get anywhere pushing more gun control, and so in treacherous fashion, they target our rights behind closed doors. All in the name of consumer safety.

Don’t just get mad, contact your representatives, and let them know how you feel. Get politically active if you haven’t already or get more active. Obama and company need to lose bad come November.

“We have documented that they are going after gun and ammunitions manufacturers, gun sellers and non-deposit lenders. Their own memos show they are well beyond enforcing the law,” Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., said Friday.

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CA: High Profile Gun Crime in Gun Restricted Zones

Despite the rhetoric that comes from gun ban extremists, like the numerous Democrats in the California state legislature, violent criminals and those looking to harm have easier pickings when government restricts self defense freedoms. The end result of gun control places citizens at greater risk. The founders of our nation wouldn’t have been armed, or thought of a Second Amendment, if being armed didn’t impart an immense societal value.

Unfortunately, like clockwork you know that because of the latest high profile shooting in Isla Vista, California, that leftist gun prohibitionists will be beating the drums.

All without a peep about how their destructive policies wreak havoc. That murder rates in high population Democrat controlled counties, and cities, in California are in the multiple hundreds every year. And when the FBI states that gangs are responsible for up to 80% of crimes, across the nation, they’re busy pointing fingers at inanimate firearms.

Although horrible, the small fraction of a high profile gun crimes that take place, in the scheme of the bigger picture is infinitesimal. Are we to doubt, that the political class who push for severe nonsensical gun controls, haven’t the capacity to understand this? One would get the idea that their political agenda is more important to them. For this very reason, they should not be given a shred of credibility, when it comes to constitutional rights and firearms.Dianne Feinstein

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A Reminder of What Happens With Anti-Gun Government

United States Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, has been jailed in Mexico, since March 31 because of possession of firearms. He says he accidentally crossed the border, into Mexico, with three registered firearms in his vehicle. You may be thinking how this is possible, but given the nature of the road layout and Andrew’s unfamiliarity, it’s completely plausible. I don’t doubt there are numerous unintentional crossings throughout a normal day.

These are the sorts of things that happen, when you allow anti-gun political class elitists, to get away with their backward agenda. It’s already a risky proposition, to own the most popular firearms in the nation, in California.

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Anti-Gun CA Sen. Yee Charged With Gun Crimes

Rabidly anti-gun, California Senator Leland Yee, was arrested today on corruption charges, because he accepted bribe money. But not only that. He was “[...] charged in U.S. District Court with conspiracy to traffic in firearms without a license and illegally import firearms, as well as with participating in a scheme to defraud citizens of honest services.

This, from the man who touts the danger, of AR style rifles in California. Arguably the most popular and lawfully used rifles in the United States. He authored SB 249 in 2012, which was supposed to ban “bullet button” mag locked rifles in California, though it thankfully never reached the governor’s desk. Despite support from Attorney General Kamala Harris, and numerous like minded, legislators such as Sen. Kevin de León, who co-authored the bill. For the children, of course.

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