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CO: Armed High School Officer Saved Lives

It looks like the shooter at Arapahoe High School, had planned a large scale attack, that was foiled by an armed school officer. Just imagine the carnage if she was never present. The attack lasted all of 80 seconds, and was ended when this soulless attacker committed suicide, after being cornered like the rat that he was. Guns save lives.

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ACA Used For The Purpose Of “Turning Texas Blue”

You may have heard about James O’Keefe, the man that brought ACORN down, with his revealing undercover videos. Well, he’s done it again, in regard to the so called Affordable Care Act. In his latest as described by John Fund at National Review Online, he visits Enroll America, “a nationwide nonprofit group that has launched a multi-state grassroots campaign to help millions of Americans sign up for health coverage.”

What’s interesting is that Enroll America is not working alone. They appear to be working hand in hand with Battleground Texas, a political organization, that’s working to change the political landscape of Texas. We all know how the Obama administration feels about the Second Amendment.

Adrian Bell, the regional field director for Battleground Texas, proudly notes the group was “started by President Obama’s national field director” and is “dedicated to turning Texas blue.”

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DHS: If You Have A Few Guns You Too Could Be A Terrorist

This is yet another glaring example, that points to one of the worst presidential administrations, this nation has ever seen. Apparently, if you’re an American that exhibits normal behavior, such as owning or transporting a few firearms, the government should have their eye on you. Because it’s potential evidence of “terrorist activity.” Nice. John R. Lott is right to ask: Is this just the Obama administration’s effort to make gun ownership difficult and costly?

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CA: Assemblyman Jones Responds To Kevin de León

In response to Assemblyman Kevin de León’s request, to have his colleagues put up the names of “individuals who have fallen victim to guns” on their doors, Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) exposes a classic gun prohibition attempt to play on emotions. He’s taking a look at the facts.

“This list only tells part of the story,” Jones says. The “victims” include at least one cop killer, a murder suspect, and victims killed by police during a commission of a crime. It also includes gang related killings, too – as well as suicides.”

This comes as numerous bills restricting law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights move through the Legislature or are on Governor Brown’s desk awaiting either a veto or signature.

Assemblyman Jones also finds it interesting that there are 149 “unknown” victims. “This is not an honest way to have a debate on the issue of guns. It capitalizes on emotion rather than the facts – if we are going to have a debate on the issue of gun violence, let it be an honest debate – not one using manipulation.”

This is another pathetic attempt, by Kevin de León, to blame inanimate objects so that he can more easily regulate our Second Amendment away. The very reason citizens need to pay close attention to de León’s future political career. Assemblyman Jones has done a good job countering the usual propaganda.

Click here to read the full size pdf.

"A closer look at gun deaths in California."

“A closer look at gun deaths in California.”

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Angela Giron: The Real Vote Suppressor

Despite being outspent by left of center anti-gun activists such as Michael Bloomberg, the effort in Colorado to recall State Sen. Angela Giron and Senate President John Morse, was a resounding success. Such is the case when you go against the wishes of American constituents and support gun control. Though after clearly being defeated, Senator Giron had the nerve to claim voter suppression, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. When she was likely voted out by members of her own party.

Remember this story? This is the same State Senator Angela Giron, who had supporters go out to the homes of those who signed recall petitions against her, and attempted to have them rescind their votes. How would you like political opposition, showing up to your front door, after you sign a recall petition? Talk about voter suppression.

While canvassing a neighborhood in Pueblo, Colorado for Pueblo United For Angela, a volunteer was arrested over the weekend on a failure to appear warrant which may be related to a domestic violence charge. Elric Franco went door-to-door on the 1600 block of Bunker Hill located on Pueblo’s east side and asked residents who had signed the petition to recall Colorado State Senator Giron to rescind their signatures.

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CO: Pro Gun Recall Of Morse And Giron A BIG SUCCESS

Tonight’s final results of the recall elections, in Colorado, is big news. State Senate President John Morse, and Senator Angela Giron, were both defeated. What are the implications for the future? This is a solid loss for gun prohibitionists with big Bloomberg money, as Americans prove, they aren’t going to take it. You can bet this is a sure sign, that anti-gun political overreach, isn’t going to fare well for gun grabbers come the 2014 elections.

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Biased Media Does The Bidding Of Gun Controllers

There can be no doubt, as to the complicity of the mainstream media, when it comes to misleading the public as it relates to crime and the Second Amendment. Biased media organizations and journalist, spread falsehoods and propaganda, both out of ignorance and to argue for violation of gun rights.

Terms such as “assault weapon” have been created, to demonize semi-auto rifles, and to expedite legislating them away. One only need to look at California Senator Steinberg’s legislation in SB 374, which turns all semi-auto rifles with a detachable magazine, into newly designated “assault weapons” to be disallowed. In previous years the gun controllers said they’d never make such a sweeping attempt. That they were only interested in outlawing evil black “assault rifles.” Though presently all semi-auto rifles are on the chopping block in California.

Today in our mainstream media a “stockpile” has become a couple of thousand rounds of ammunition slated for a weekend of shooting with friends. It’s how the leftists get to argue for outrageous legislation, that would have citizens reported to government, for exercising normal American Second Amendment rights such as buying ammunition.

Emily Miller points some of this out in her recent article “Liberal media distort the gun debate; loaded language misleads the public.” We need more journalists who are willing to tell the truth.

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IL: Victims Of Gun Theft Have 72 Hours To Report It

You’re going to love this. Beginning immediately, those who are victims of gun theft in Illinois will have 72 hours to notify police, or face being charged. Anti-gun activists believe it’s just fine, to victimize gun owners a second time, by charging them for it. Of course Illinois doesn’t require that gun owners inspect their firearms every three days, and the burden of proof is on the prosecution, to prove you didn’t report your stolen gun.

In some respects the law may not have teeth, but the state of Illinois is only an amendment away, from adding something even more nefarious. Or maybe you’d even face overzealous prosecutors.

The law would have you report the sale of your gun to police beforehand. Even when we know that criminals don’t care. Lawmakers who dislike the United States Constitution, and who admire how freedom is exercised in third world regimes, wouldn’t have it any other way. This is why you support your local pro gun organizations and NRA affiliates.

So, in summary, a bill that would have required that sex offender registration fees be used for programs intended to combat sex crimes, has instead morphed into a law that A) makes potential criminals of theft victims; B) sort of “requires” someone selling a gun to check with the state police [...]

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Colion Noir On Unconstitional California Gun Laws

Colion Noir tells it like it is. Gun control does not make people safer. California’s gun laws are detrimental to the public.

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