Moroccan Terrorist Opens Fire In France Despite Gun Control

In France, as in many places in Europe, it’s not easy for citizens to be legally armed. Yet, despite this fact, those who want to do harm, do so with impunity. Knowing that no one will offer immediate resistance. Because armed police are few and far between. Such is the case with “gun free,” zones, that offer numerous targets to terrorists, and other bad actors alike.

Today on a busy Paris train carrying 550 passengers, a likely Moroccan terrorist, opened fire injuring three. He was armed with an AK-47 machine gun. Luckily for the passengers, the twisted shooter crossed paths, with two brave United States Marines that were on leave. They took him down despite being unarmed and held him for police. One Marine is in critical condition but no one was killed.

In Europe, AK-47 machine guns are readily available, on the black market despite wishful gun laws. Making residents there sitting ducks for terrorists.

From Breitbart:

Reports stated that the man was carrying multiple weapons, including an AK47 automatic rifle, and was of North African origin. A police official told French television channel i-Tele that the suspect is a 26-year-old Moroccan national named Sliman Hamzi, the Telegraph reports.

Update: They were not Marines. So much for accurate reporting.

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LAPD Sued For Illegally Destroying 700K Firearm Collection

Wayne William Wright is a former police officer, firefighter helicopter pilot, and Vietnam War veteran. He was targeted by the LAPD Gun Unit, for being a “gun trafficker” on seemingly trumped up charges, and so they confiscated his expensive curio & relic gun collection. When he was legally cleared to retrieve his collection, the Los Angeles Police Department denied him, by placing illegal conditions on the return of his property.

The complaint alleges, this was done to help maintain federal grant money, by being able to show the result of the unit’s actions. The complaint also alleges Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act(RICO) violations.

The LAPD actually ignored a Ventura County Superior Court judge who ordered they return the firearms. They then proceeded to illegally destroy his collection of firearms. The 364 gun collection, is listed on the complaint, at being worth a whopping $707,950.

This is the city that just passed an ordinance, to confiscate legally owned magazines, that hold more than ten rounds. It looks as if they’ve been practicing.

The office of Michell & Associates have filed a federal lawsuit against the LAPD. Wright v. Beck – USDC-CD Cal.

The complaint is very telling. L.A. city attorney Mike Feuer is an outspoken gun grabber. A real piece of work:

On information and belief, Defendant Feuer was aware of and
approved Aubry’s use of an unlawful ex parte application to the Los Angeles County Superior Court to effect the destruction of the firearms. On information and belief, Defendant Feuer was aware of and approved Aubry’s and the Doe Defendants’ tactic of seeking to “overturn” Judge Wright’s prior order by seeking a contrary order from the Los Angeles County Superior Court to effect the destruction of the firearms. On information and belief, Defendant Feuer was aware of and approved Aubry’s and the Doe Defendants’ tactic of failing to provide notice of the application or order to Plaintiff or his counsel. On information and belief, Defendant Feuer approved of Aubry’s and the Doe Defendants’ tactics for the purpose of preventing Plaintiff from exercising his due process right to oppose the application and preserve his property. On information and belief, Feuer intended for the firearms to be destroyed to assist the LAPD in its efforts to justify its federal anti-terrorism funding and to assist Feuer in his political profile as advocating for the reduction of citizen access to firearms.

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L.A. Mayor Signs Law Banning Possession Of 10+ Magazines

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, has officially signed the ordinance that bans possession of normal magazines, that hold more than ten rounds. Despite the reality, that this ordinance will in no way affect crime, other than to target law abiding people that have legally acquired such magazines. There is no empirical evidence that supports it.

The law is an obvious violation of the right to keep and bear arms as well as property rights. It’s what happens when politicians decide, that political posturing is more important, than actually combating crime. In their political world, they are rewarded for such failure, and thus there is no incentive for them to improve the lives of citizens by advocating for the principles of American freedom. Freedom that has the potential to render leftist ideology obsolete.

Keep in mind that no one on the city council, is creating such a fervor, over California’s recidivist failure of Proposition 47. That is likely responsible for a spike in the city’s violent crime.

From the Daily News:

“Sadly, in the face of overwhelming evidence, swelling public support and the endless tragic deaths … Washington refuses to act. But we have power right here,” the mayor said.

It’s comments like these that show us what’s wrong with the people running Los Angeles.

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Garland Terrorist Allegedly Bought Fast And Furious Handgun

According to this story, one of the Garland terorists, that was shot and killed during his attempted attack, bought his gun at Lone Wolf Trading Co. in Arizona. The same store that the BATF worked with, during the Fast and Furious, gun walking operation. There was supposedly a seven day hold, put on Nadir Soofi’s handgun, but he was eventually allowed to take possession. It’s claimed that he had multiple misdemeanor assault and drug charges.

From Breitbart:

When Soofi submitted the required form, the store contacted the FBI for a background check, according to the Tribune report. Serrano’s article cites a Los Angeles Times article that stated a seven-day hold was placed on the pistol Soofi was attempting to purchase.

Update: Breitbart says they confirmed that a pistol was bought under Fast and Furious.


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Navy Hero Who Shot At Terrorist In Chattanooga Charged

In our current age, when terrorists attack our military personnel domestically, the act of saving lives gets you charged with criminal offenses. Such is the case, with Lt. Cmdr Timothy White, who returned fire on a terrorist shooter in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The shooter was able to murder five servicemen, but you can bet that Lt. Cmdr White, saved more lives by returning fire.

From Allen B. West:

Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

Just an update: It appears that Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White has not been charged yet. An investigation is on going but time will tell.

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L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Must Hear From Residents On Mags

The Mayor of Los Angeles, has publicly stated that he will sign an unconstitutional ordinance, that targets gun owners. Legally acquired magazines, that hold more than ten rounds will be illegal to possess, once the egregious law is signed by him. In the days before he signs the ordinance, this is a chance to contact the mayor with legitimate concerns, regarding the persecution of gun owners by leftist members of the Los Angeles city council who are bent on pushing their unconstitutional gun control mandates. L.A. City Council Member Paul Krekorian comes to mind. Please be civil.

Contact information for the Mayor of Los Angeles:

Mayor Eric Garcetti
200 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 978-0600

Tweet to @ericgarcetti

Notice how those who organize for the violation of our Second Amendment, in the screen shot below, are obviously orchestrated from the top down. Wearing the silly orange, and carrying the same printed signs, bought and payed for by the Brady Campaign. A political class elitist front group that advocates for citizen disarmament. These people are not grass roots.

The Brady Campaign orchestrates a top down protest.

The Brady Campaign orchestrates a top down anti-Second Amendment rally.

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Los Angeles Bans Possession Of Legally Owned Magazines

The city of Los Angeles makes the fraudulent claim, that somehow inanimate normal capacity magazines, should take the blame for crime. When we all know, that terrible policies are glossed over, because of the political expedience that rewards the Democrats in charge. The sanctuary city policies and other terrible ideas pushed by leftists. Laws that criminalize citizens, for the exercise of the Second Amendment, in the face of violent criminals.

Councilman Paul Krekorian and cohorts, are pretending they’re doing the public a service, by advocating for the persecution of those who possess legal ammunition magazines. Because said magazines hold over ten rounds. As if ten rounds is some magical number. Like many of the anti-gun policies that get a pass in a city run by leftist Democrats. You’d think you were reading about the dictates of Fidel Castro.

A link from the L.A. Times:

Update: Be aware that Mayor Eric Garcetti has not signed the ordinance but he’s stated that he will. Please contact him.

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Obama Says Inaction On Guns His Biggest Frustration

In a statement that’s not surprising, President Obama indicates that he’s frustrated with the American people, for not capitulating away rights that he wants removed. Our Second Amendment rights. When he says this out in public, it’s a reminder that we need to be vigilant, in the face of a lame duck president that could start signing executive orders at any moment. Of course the fact that he’s a habitual liar, means that he’s attempting to be overly-dramatic about it, but a lame duck risk nonetheless.

From The Hill:

“If you ask me where has been the one area that I feel that I’ve been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that the United States is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient, common-sense gun safety laws,” he said

The president’s statement is an outright lie. There are numerous “common-sense gun safety laws.” It’s just that Obama doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment. In other advanced nations there is no right of the people, which means, they are subjects with no right to defend themselves with the best tools possible if at all. Living life at the mercy of their political masters.

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San Francisco Supervisor Wants To Videotape All Gun Sales

Some words about the latest coming out of California. If nutty San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell has his way, the last gun shop in San Francisco, will video tape all gun sales. Which is another complete dishonest viewpoint, regarding San Francisco’s pathetic leftist policies, that contribute to crime and endanger citizens. Instead of championing constitutional rights, Mark Farrell follows in the footsteps, of tyrants that dismepower citizens. Not something to be proud of by a long shot.

From CBS:

Supervisor Mark Farrell’s comments couldn’t get any dumber. Protecting one’s life is “senseless” violence according to him.

“Easy access to guns and ammunition continue to contribute to senseless violent crime here in San Francisco and across the country,” said Supervisor Mark Farrell.

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Obama Plans To Deny 4.2 Million People The RKBA

President Obama, is pushing a gun ban on Social Security beneficiaries, who “…lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs…,” which amounts to potentially denying Americans, their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. So in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on our military members, in Tennessee, it looks as if Dear Leader is seizing the opportunity to target our Second Amendment. And you know that the anti-gun left, aren’t concerned with ensnaring Americans who rightly posses firearms, because to them that’s a feature and not a bug.

From the L.A. Times:

“Someone can be incapable of managing their funds but not be dangerous, violent or unsafe,” said Dr. Marc Rosen, a Yale psychiatrist who has studied how veterans with mental health problems manage their money. “They are very different determinations.”

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