The Problem With Background Checks

The universal background checks, that ant-gunners love to tout lately, have flaws that proponents don’t want to admit. After all, the goal is registration of gun owners.

When you have the very administration not enforcing laws, against people who falsify data when buying a firearm, the problem of having inmates run the asylum is all to apparent.

The following is something pointed out at 2ndamendmentfight:

The Obama administration’s Justice Department is also not strongly enforcing prosecutions of people who falsify information on their gun background checks. The FBI reported 71,000 instances of people lying on their background checks to buy guns in 2009, but the Justice Department prosecuted a mere 77 cases, or a fraction of 1%.

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Video: “No guns for negroes”

It dates from 2009, but this is a good video, demonstrating the story of the Deacons for Defense. Making the point that gun control has been traditionally racist.

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DC Says They’ve Stopped Denying Gun Carry Permit Apps

The District of Columbia Police Department, says that it hasn’t denied any concealed handgun license applications, in light of the federal ruling making their “good cause” requirement illegal. The kicker is that they haven’t given out any approvals either.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

“Since the injunction was issued, we have not issued any denials of applications,” D.C. Police spokesman Lieutenant Sean Conboy said. “We have not denied any applications. We have issued two letters invoking the additional 90-day period to process two of those applications that were pending.”

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Steffon Josey-Davis Speaking At Tea Party Event

For those rooting for justice. You’ll be glad to know, that Steffon Josey-Davis, will be speaking at the Tea Party of Middlesex County, New Jersey, June 4th, 2015 at 7:00pm. You might want to also catch him on Fox News this morning as Fox is covering his story.

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Actor Vince Vaughn Supports The Second Amendment

Actor Vince Vaughn, comes out strong for the right to keep and bear arms, in an interview with GQ Magazine of the UK. He pulled no punches making it very clear wear he stands. Saying that guns should be allowed in schools.

From British GQ:

“I support people having a gun in public full stop, not just in your home. We don’t have the right to bear arms because of burglars; we have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.

You know he gets it.

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Obama Preps New Gun Restrictions

Get ready for more anti-gun executive actions by the lame duck Obama administration. Attempting to disqualify more people from exercising the Second Amendment. They’re talking restrictions on “high-powered pistols” which means AR pistols, and requiring gun dealers to provide, gun safety and storage devices. Because gun controllers don’t like freedom and they want your guns locked up and useless. It’s the next best thing to banning them outright.

From The Hill:

The regulations range from new restrictions on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements. Chief among them is a renewed effort to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally unstable or have been convicted of domestic abuse.

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Democrat Rep. Introduces Mandatory Gun Insurance Bill

Here we go again. House Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York, has introduced a gun bill, that requires gun owners to carry gun liability insurance. As if that would help anyone, other than those who have a deep dislike, for the Second Amendment because it discourages the right. Perhaps Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” has given Rep. Carolyn Maloney confidence in creating such an unconstitutional mess.

From The Hill:

The Firearm Risk Protection Act, unveiled Friday, would require gun buyers to have liability insurance coverage before being allowed to purchase a weapon, and would impose a fine of $10,000 if an owner is found not to have it. Service members and law enforcement officers, however, would be exempt from the requirement.

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DC Forced To Issue Concealed Handgun Permits

Today, Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. denied DC’s request for an extended stay, in order to have more time “to evaluate options.” The judges denial means they have to issue immediately. Which is great!

From Breitbart:

The administrative stay would have extended the effective date for Scullin’s May 18 ruling, giving the city more time to evaluate options. The denial of this stay means DC must immediately begin issuing permits without a “good reason” requirement.

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Actors Used To Portray Gun Customers In Manhattan Ruse

Much has been made by anti-gunners, about a phony gun store, that was set up in Manhattan and used to criticize gun ownership. Who can forget? You probably won’t be surprised to know, that the people that set it up and those behind the counter, weren’t the only phonies in on the made for media scam. David Codrea reports that the customers were also paid actors.

So called States United Against Gun Violence, was allowed to set up their phony shop, under very sketchy circumstances. Given the laws in New York concerning such things. Which is also not a surprise since the city is not happy about the Second Amendment.

Via the Gun Rights Examiner:

Per my report published Friday at The Shooter’s Log, actors were used to portray customers in a fake gun shop “public service announcement” produced by States United Against Gun Violence.

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Double Barreled 1911 pistol quad wield rapid fire!

Jerry Miculek fires Arsenal’s double barrel .45 ACP 1911s. Two of them at the same time. What’s really trick about the video, is the slow motion camera, catching the rounds in flight as they hit steel.

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