Some Public Education Journalism Not So Great

Here we have an article out of the Valley Star, a publication of Los Angeles Valley College, which is one of the nine public community colleges of Los Angeles. In it Kevin Jersey makes the tired old argument that the public should have fewer guns. Though it would probably behoove Kevin to do a little more research lest he put his foot in his mouth. Well, actually it’s too late for that. He should research nevertheless.

His argument comes at a time when we have more guns yet statistically crime has lowered. He advocates less guns, which presumably means less self defense, even though if you’re the victim of a crime, you statistically fair better if you resist. No mention that “school shootings” are rare if not declining. A very large proportion of the deaths that he mentions, are suicides, which will not cease because of the lack of the availability of firearms, if that far fetched idea ever came to pass.

Many of these deaths are justified shootings by police. No mention of gangs, in communities, whose elected government has seen fit to exacerbate the issue via sanctuary city policies. All this and more. Is there any wonder why you would get the feeling that the tide is slowly turning against restrictive gun control?

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