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BATF Claims “Publishing Mistake” Excluding M855 Exemption

The BATF has claimed, that excluding the M855 5.56 green tip ammunition exemption, in its 2014 Firearms Regulation Guide was nothing more than a “publishing mistake.” The issue received wide public attention, when Katie Pavlich did a story on it … Continue reading

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M855 5.56 Already Excluded In New BATF Regulation Guide

According to Katie Pavlich, the BATF has already included the green tip M855 ammo ban, in their 2014 regulation guide. Which looks to means the ban was prepared well in advance. Will the comment period even matter? From Townhall: But … Continue reading

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Why The BATF Banning SS109/M855 556 Is Illegal

There’s been a lot of talk about the BATF proposed ban on SS109/M855 5.56 ammunition. Which is another attempt to thwart the exercise of the Second Amendment, by the Obama administration, under the false pretense of safety. Firstly, said ammo … Continue reading

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Jerry Miculek: $300 For 20 Rounds Of Magical Green Tip 5.56

Here’s Jerry Miculek giving us the background behind SS019/M855. Why it’s not considered armor piercing. There’s info for contacting the appropriate BATF official too. How to get involved: CONTACT THE BATF: ATF email: APAComments@atf.gov Fax: (202) 648-9741. Mail: Denise Brown, … Continue reading

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BATF’s 5.56 Ammo Ban Goes Against The Intent Of Lawmakers

The BATF’s plan to ban SS109/M855 is not an honest attempt to protect anyone. As pointed out by Military Arms Channel, standard rifle ammunition that includes .223 and 5.56, doesn’t need a steel core to defeat body armor. The original … Continue reading

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Video: IWI Tavor Bullpup Rifle Review

The sootch00 IWI Tavor bullpup rifle review. Pretty good.

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The Beretta ARX160 5.56 Rifle

With all of the features this 5.56 rifle offers it certainly will be a hit with today’s gun owner looking for a 5.56 rifle. It may not be too much to claim that the operator of the ARX160 can exchange … Continue reading

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