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Gun Ban Legislators Introduce Magazine Capacity Limits

The leftist gun controllers in our federal government are very busy people. Working hard at everything that’s contrary to what they should be. When their politically correct ideals, and moral relativism fail, they divert to blaming inanimate objects. Such is … Continue reading

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Bill Introduced To Prevent EPA From Regulating Lead Ammo

U.S Senator John Thune, has introduced a bill limiting the EPA from regulating, lead ammunition and fishing tackle. The bill heads off environmentalists who want to ban lead ammunition. Not that it’s in the EPA’s jurisdiction to regulate lead used … Continue reading

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EPA Denies Petition For Lead Ammunition Ban

The Center for Biological Diversity has had their petition for a lead ammunition ban denied by the EPA. The EPA claims that they have no authority to do so which is certainly good news. Read the info here: calguns.net

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NRA/CRPA Foundation Legal Action Project Submit Pre-Litigation Petition For Review Of Fish & Game Hunting Regulations

The NRA and CRPA have teamed up to file a petition against game hunting regulations that infringe on Second Amendment rights. The petition asks the California Fish and Game Commission to repeal regulations that prohibit the mere possession of firearms … Continue reading

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Center For Biological Diversity Asking For Complete Ban On Lead Ammunition

The CBD is really pushing the envelope in what gun owners, hunters, and the American people will take in this nation. Yes, this is not just in the all encompassing Condor range of California. This is nationwide. We’re looking at … Continue reading

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