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The FN P90 Submachine Gun

A T&E live fire demonstration of the FN P90 submachine gun. The semi-auto version is obviously not as fun. Yes, the caliber is pretty weak for a rifle cartridge, but the whole point is the cyclic rate and keeping all … Continue reading

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Majority Of House Members Sign Letter Against 5.56 Ban

There are 239 members of the House, that have put their name on a letter opposing, the Obama administration’s ban on M855 5.56 ammunition. The ban is supposedly in response, to the fact that 5.56 ammunition, is more widely used … Continue reading

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Why The BATF Banning SS109/M855 556 Is Illegal

There’s been a lot of talk about the BATF proposed ban on SS109/M855 5.56 ammunition. Which is another attempt to thwart the exercise of the Second Amendment, by the Obama administration, under the false pretense of safety. Firstly, said ammo … Continue reading

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Gun Ban Legislators Introduce Magazine Capacity Limits

The leftist gun controllers in our federal government are very busy people. Working hard at everything that’s contrary to what they should be. When their politically correct ideals, and moral relativism fail, they divert to blaming inanimate objects. Such is … Continue reading

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CRPA Files Brief in Case to Block Ammo Ban

The California Rifle and Pistol Association has filed a legal brief in Parker v. California. The case against Assemblyman Kevin Deleon’s ammunition ban in California. Read the details at calguns.net.

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California’s Anti Gun Bills 1810, 2358, and 1934, All Fail!

Very good news for Californians and the rest of the nation. The enemies of freedom know that their plans will meet intense opposition. All of the onerous and restrictive bills that were up for vote in the Capitol of California … Continue reading

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EPA Denies Petition For Lead Ammunition Ban

The Center for Biological Diversity has had their petition for a lead ammunition ban denied by the EPA. The EPA claims that they have no authority to do so which is certainly good news. Read the info here: calguns.net

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NRA/CRPA Foundation Legal Action Project Submit Pre-Litigation Petition For Review Of Fish & Game Hunting Regulations

The NRA and CRPA have teamed up to file a petition against game hunting regulations that infringe on Second Amendment rights. The petition asks the California Fish and Game Commission to repeal regulations that prohibit the mere possession of firearms … Continue reading

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