The Regulatory Framework Of Short-Barrel Firearms

Here’s a good explanation of the National Firearms Act and its flaws. The prohibition era regulation sought to curb possession of NFA firearms through a scheme of taxation. Likely because NFA regulation advocates, new that outright banishment of firearms they didn’t approve of, would not hold up to legal scrutiny. Where the 1934 $200 NFA tax is the equivalent to $3,582.19 in 2016.

A hate tip to Bill Wiese of the Calguns Foundation for this article in Harvard Journal:


The legislative history of the NFA shows that the purpose of
the statute was to stem Prohibition‐era violence…

We see how well gun control works out for controlling violence. Today in gun control California, violent crime is on the rise and not because of inanimate firearms, but because of the poor policies put in place by leftists who abhor the exercise of the Second Amendment by citizens.

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