Wealthiest Lobby Threat to Second Amendment Rights

The American Bar Association has come out in favor of that which threatens Second Amendment rights. They have published a report in support of “micro-stamping,” which in effect would be like creating a database of every gun owner. Under such law firearms would require microscopic markings that would enable tracing the fired bullet and casing to the original buyer. This is supported even though it hasn’t been proven to work. In fact, it would be easy for criminals to defeat, since guns can be stolen, exchanged, or physically altered. Not to mention the cost to manufacturers that gun prohibitionists surely wouldn’t mind.

What’s being termed the “law lobby” look to traditionally lean against such measures as the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act because it’s tort reform. The amount of funding such groups spend on lobbying is mind-boggling. All the better to support the NRA today.

Read Howard Nemerov’s informative article on the subject here.

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