Why Is Enforcement Of Colorado Gun Control “Light”?

From all indications, the new laws against transferring full capacity magazines in Colorado, is not really being enforced too well if at all. Such laws are not really enforceable on a meaningful scale, and if they were, it would be a drastic misuse of resources. Something better described as a police state.

We know that criminals ignore the laws, such as the ban on private party transfer of firearms, that only the law abiding obey. But Democrats in Colorado, are still supporting their fraudulent attempt at crime control, instead of targeting actual crime. As if they’d rather target legal gun owners instead of upsetting their criminal constituents.

From the Coloradoan:

Twenty months into implementation, Colorado’s controversial gun-control laws are mostly unenforceable and have done little to nothing to attain bill sponsors’ goals, according to gun rights advocates and statewide data.

Three people have been convicted for failing to obey the new background check laws since a bill to expand the requirements went into effect in July 2013. Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said nobody accused of breaking the new laws had been booked into the Larimer County Detention Center.

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